May. 16th, 2013

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The Issue

A fire has recently ripped through Storm's End, destroying homes and businesses alike. Now the debate rages as to who should receive the bulk of the relief fund.
The Debate

  1. "The fire burned thousands of ordinary people out of house and home!" wails Roger Cruz, an affected resident, "If the government doesn't help the average Joe, then what good is it at all? We need that relief fund to repair the damages! I'm sure the fat cats in the commercial district will pitch a fit, but they're the only ones who could afford enough insurance coverage."

  2. "Oh, the wasted money!" moans Gertie James, owner of Basket-case for Baskets. "It was storefronts and restaurants that bore the brunt of the fire, and they're the ones that need help now! Do you have any idea how flammable baskets are? If we don't get the relief we're entitled to, the economy is going to sink. And then where will these citizens be? In a rebuilt house without a job, that's where!"

  3. Chris Hamilton, a noted anarchist, is appalled at the whole debate. "Relief fund? Giving money?! Now the government has to choose which social class to favor, and here's the big punch line, there is no right choice! We need to do away with the relief fund altogether, slash taxes and leave the people and businesses to rebuild without government meddling. Yes, there will be some 'I don't have any money' sob stories. Boo-freaking-hoo. It's not the government's job to bail them out because they failed to prepare."

  4. "I always said there's an opportunity in every disaster," councils Randy Goethe, your Minister of Underhanded Affairs. "We're not doing so hot in the polls right now. This fire is only going to put more of a strain on us. Now as I remember, the good ol' Minority Leader is head of the Storm's End Oversight Committee. Let's shift the focus onto it being his screw up, have a trial by media and he'll be indicted by next week. The public will burn him at the stake instead of us!"

The Government Position

The government has yet to formalize a position on this issue.

I have a ministry to cover just about every political scenario. Figures. XD


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