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You began your journey as a human, but gave that up as you explored the dangers of this realm.  You are a 5 foot 7 inch tall spider-girl, with a thin body and incredible muscle definition.  You are currently wearing your scale-mail armor and using your beautiful sword as a weapon.  Your face is human in shape and structure, with olive skin.  It has a gorgeous profile with full lips, a button nose, and noticeable eyelashes.  In addition to your primary two eyes, you have a second, smaller pair on your forehead.  Your long, auburn hair looks good on you, accentuating your features well.
You have a humanoid shape with the usual torso, arms, hands, and fingers.  Shining black exoskeleton  covers your arms from the biceps down, resembling a pair of long black gloves from a distance.  You have curvy thighs that match your trim, lithe body, and your muscular, hand-filling backside fills out your clothing nicely.  A large, spherical spider-abdomen has grown out from your backside, covered in shiny black chitin.  Though it's heavy and bobs with every motion, it doesn't seem to slow you down.  Your legs are covered in a reflective black, insectile carapace up to your mid-thigh, looking more like a pair of 'fuck-me-boots' than exoskeleton.
It would be impossible to conceal your growing pregnancy from anyone who glanced your way.
You have two jiggly love-pillows, each supporting one 1-inch pierced cherry-like nub.  You could easily fill a big E-cup bra.

Meet Luonnetar the Spider Girl
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