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RP: Wartime Days
Fandom: Yugioh
Characters: Demian Kaiser, Nadya Djuric (WWII incarnations of Seto Kaiba and Theoris Takeda)
Roleplayers: AlkonostStorm, JW%

He took her back home, seeming to realize that it was in the opposite direction to the hangar all too late. Soon enough he was helping her out and back to her home.

Once they were inside, Nadya didn't waste a moment in heading over to the couch, sitting down before leaning over to remove her high-heeled pumps.

He came over and sat on the couch beside her, offering to help. "You look tired." He said. "And you've been on your feet all night."

"I'd appreciate that. Thank you." She told him, leaning back somewhat on her side of the couch.

He smiled at her and lifted her foot to his lap, slipping the shoe off. "It's my pleasure." He said, repeating the process for the other one before he started to massage.

She rested her head on the couch, enjoying the touch of his hands on her skin. In retrospect this was perhaps too intimate...but Nadya wasn't about to complain about it either.

He continued to work her arch with his thumbs, enjoying the strangely familiar sensations from this sort of thing, and not sure entirely why. He just sort of let his hands do what instinct told them to do and didn't think.

She might have been through something like this before but Nadya couldn't be bothered to think on that nor did she try. The lounge singer only knew that it felt incredibly good and she didn't want him to stop. A part of her was even suggesting to take things further but she held it in, knowing she wasn't drunk enough to disregard her inhibitions. At the same time, Nadya suspected Demian wouldn't mind taking things further...

Demian continued to massage her, his gaze sweeping up her body, from her legs to where the skirt rode up ever so slightly, and where the neckline plunged down, and where her face lay with eyes closed.

Nadya opened her eyes then, tilting her head up a little so that she met his gaze, holding it briefly for a few seconds before it swept downwards, lingering over his shoulders and admiring the way the cloth clung to his body before moving up to meet his eyes again.

He simply met her gaze evenly, as though trying to stare into her soul. His fingers continued to hold her foot, the thumbs and palms working the sole and ball before moving to flex the toes.

Belatedly, she realized that if she stretched her foot forward, she'd be touching his crotch. Something within seemed to stir at the thought but Nadya ignored it as she continued gazing back at him, wondering how she could make him come to her.

Gently he sat her foot down on his lap and asked softly: "How's that feel?" before picking up her other to give it similar treatment.

"Divine." The word comes out in a breathy sigh, and Nadya hopes that doesn't trigger some sort of propriety alarm in him as she continues to stare into his eyes while he massages her feet.

He leaned ever so slightly forward towards her as he massaged her foot. He seemed to be in some kind of trance, gazing at her, his hands playing over her heel and squeezing the tendons and muscles of her arch. "Thank you." He breathed softly.

"For...what...?" She asked, her voice slightly husky in tone as she leaned forward a little bit. From Demian's perspective, she seems to be in a similar trance-like state as she gazes into his eyes.

"For this." He said simply, gazing into her eyes and leaning towards her, lifting her leg slightly as he pushed against her foot. Her skirt rode up just a bit higher, but he didn't seem to notice, so intent on her face was his gaze.

"Demian..." There's that breathy sigh again and before she realizes what she's doing, Nadya gently pushes against whatever was pushing into the arc of her right foot.

He tried to say "Yes?" but it came out as more of a gasp, almost a whimper, as she pressed her foot between his legs against his crotch.

Carefully, she pulled her foot away, moving that leg to the side so that they are spread apart. "Come to me..." Her plea is only somewhat higher than a whisper as she beckons him over with open arms.

He seemed to shake himself out of the trance and stop the massage, but her request he didn't seem unwilling to follow up, as he leaned a bit more towards her until he slipped off the couch, his arms reaching for her waist.

Nadya moved forward, letting his arms wrap around her waist as she returns the embrace.

His hands slithered around her body and up to her shoulders as he leaned in and placed his lips against hers in a passionate kiss.

She presses back against as she returns the kiss. Instantly, something passes between them--it feels beyond human comprehension to describe it (Nadya feels the best word in this instance is 'connection')--but she simply doesn't linger on it, maintaining her focus on the passionately-charged kiss.

Eventually they have to break for air, though it takes some time. By then Demian has his arms not just around her, but snaked all the way up to the back of her neck, holding her head gently. He breathed heavily, his nose brushing against hers as he tried to get air back into his lungs before kissing her again, his eyes gazing into hers.

She leaned her head on his shoulder, still looking up at him in relative silence as she tries to catch her breath. Part of her really, really wants to ask what the hell just happened but she doesn't; it feels too early to ask that.



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