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Turbo Duelist Kaiba


Story behind the screencap: someone edited the 5Ds opening to feature the original YGO cast in place of the 5Ds one. As you can see, it works ludicrously well (and Kaiba is wearing the hell out of Jack Atlas' outfit there).

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Goddess Maker Alaine Barzahd (SC)
Goddess Maker Arsinoe
Goddess Maker Gisila
Goddess Maker Selene
Goddess Maker Ars
Goddess Maker Ishizu

And there will likely be more later, once I edit the remaining ones...XP
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It's a crossover between the Persona/Shin Megami Tensei series and Borderlands.

Involving the cast from both Persona 3 and Persona 4.

We're mainly concerned with figuring out character dynamics and subplots atm but so far main plot is leaning towards being set in Borderlands 2 along with something going on that there's more than six sirens currently in existence in the universe and that might have something to do with a coalition between Hyperion Corporation and the Kirijo Group...


Also can't help but think this song will end up being relevant in-story:

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Wild Tiger tends towards cheating.

Song is called 3 Years of Infidelity. I think.
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I've always wondered what was up with the sultry tone of Shirley Bassey's Diamonds Are Forever, especially since throughout the song you keep getting the impression that she has an obsession with diamonds bordering on sexual. So I decide to do some research on Songmeanings.net

This is what I find:

On one of my James Bond special features it has an interview with I think John Barry and he said he told Shirley to sing the song like it was about a penis .. instead of diamonds.

You can kind of see the connection in the lyrics:

"They are all I need to please me,
They can stimulate and tease me,"

"Hold one up and then caress it,
Touch it, stroke it and undress it,
I can see every part,"

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Yu-Gi-Oh = Yolgrahod (Fire Battle Snow)

Yugi Motou = Yolmoar (Fire Terror)

Seto Kaiba = Soskest (Blood Tempest)

Katsuya Jonouchi/Joey Wheeler = Kriljot (Brave Maw)/Junwerid (King Praise)

Anzu Mazaki/Tea Gardner = Almoar (Destroyer Terror)/Tiidgolz (Time Stone)

Wanted to see how some of the names would translate into the dragontongue. Went one further with Kaiba's name by giving him a middle name and ending up with this:

Sosreinkest (Blood Roar Tempest)

On a side note, Theoris' initials end up giving her the name of Tiidthur (Time Overlord)... XD
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  • Seto was still bored, looking at everything with disinterest. After all, the baby kicking had gotten from amazing to novel to boring to annoying already.

  • Noting his disinterest, Theoris reached over and nudged him, harder than she should have--on the side. For crying out loud, it was their child! She would have said something, except at that moment the doctor cut her off. "The child is female."

  • Seto's eyes went wide as he addressed the doctor, and Theoris could almost see the camera zooming out and leaving him standing alone in empty void. "What's this? A female? You mean I have... a daughter?!"

  • "That's right, Mr. Kaiba. You're going to be the father to a little girl." Theoris bit her lip, resisting the urge to declare "Called it."

  • Seto was in a widened stance, eyes wide, and yes, a dramatic wind had come up as he made a slow descent to his knees. "Not a son?"

  • "A Daugh--"

  • "Are you done being a drama queen yet?"

  • "I can't have a few more minutes of it?" Seto asked, moving to where he held his head in his hands but not quite making that pose yet.

  • Theoris simply waved at him in resignation, as if to say she was done with that; it might as well been granting him permission to continue.

  • The doctor had to put up with the occasional "How... how can it be?!" and "It's not possible!" through the rest of the visit.

  • Theoris heaved a sigh and made an appointment for two months later before leading Seto out of the clinic and into the limousine. "You can cut it out now."

  • "Don't make light of this." Seto told her.

  • "I'm not making light of it." He was starting to get on her nerves...

  • "You know what this means don't you?" Seto said, still in his melodramatic tone.

  • "What does it mean, Seto Kaiba?" Theoris asked, still in her tired-of-his-melodrama-yet-resigned-to-it tone.

  • "I'm going to have to paint the nursery pink!"

^Priorities! XD
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JW%: "Make it so." Seto told Chekov, dismissing him. Then he called up Mokuba to make alternative plans.

AlkonostStorm: Mokuba looked up from the mods he was programming into the Capsule Monsters game to answer the phone. "Yeah, Seto?"

JW%: "Mokuba, remember the old days?" Seto almost purred with the thought of mayhem. "We saved all those... less than safety committee-approved gear, right?"

AlkonostStorm: "...You mean that time when you thought you looked cool with Pistachio-green hair and gold eye contacts?"

JW%: Seto took several moments of silence. "Yes Mokuba. That time. No, I'm not dying my hair, or putting contacts in."

AlkonostStorm: "I still don't know what possessed you to go for that shade of green." Pause. "Yeah, they should still be around. Especially since a lot of money went into some of that gear; you didn't want it thrown away because it'd be a waste."

JW%: "I was trying for blonde!" Seto snapped and then regained his composure. "Anyway, you're aware of the issue with the MacDowan Corp." Mokuba probably wasn't. "That they're attempting to block Kaiba land's development for reasons that appear petty and spiteful. We might have to show them we can play at their level too."
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  • He caught her hand again. "I'll keep wearing this if you'll wear your jewelry." He offered.

  • "So...we become each other's slaves?"

  • "And why not?" He quirked an eyebrow. "Besides..." He tapped the collar. "This isn't a slave collar."

  • "It's closer to a pet collar, true..." She admitted, thinking back on a certain chapter of Awaiting Summons.

  • "At least it doesn't look like that dog collar that Yugi wears..." Seto muttered.

  • "Seto..." Theoris groaned as she moved to plant her face into a pillow, the mood ruined on her end and with little chance of being salvaged.

Now...To be fair, he does manage to save the moment before it becomes a total trainwreck. I just wanted to share this bit because I can see this actually happening. XD
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Only joined because FF_Land is moving here.

Not sure I'll be bothered to actually use this journal that much otherwise.

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Headcanon title for the rp me and [livejournal.com profile] railenthe are currently planning. It's a crossover between Yu-Gi-Oh! and Tiger & Bunny but will mainly focus on the YGO cast. That's not to say that the T&B cast won't show up though!

Kaibaman (since we can't think of a better name and likely Seto won't either)
Real name: Seto Kaiba
NEXT Power: Dragonshift (he can turn into a dragon)
Wild Tiger Tag: Ryu-kun

Game Master
Real Name: Atem Elhassad
NEXT Power: pending
Wild Tiger Tag: Starfish (IDK OKAY)
Just putting in notes...
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Warning: Slight mentions of food porn

AlkonostStorm: Throughout the weekend the cocktail of good things vs bad things would be a heady mixture. On the one hand, the doubled funds from MacDowan corp. prompted others to do the same, so in that sense things were going incredibly well. On the other, Seto and Theoris were awkward around each other for most of the week.

JW%: For Seto, 'awkward' seemed to be normal enough. Which wasn't necessarily a good thing, but it didn't do cause any harm to his productivity at least. Mokuba on the other hand was growing worried. That weekend he voiced a concern that the two of them were fighting.

AlkonostStorm: "F-fighting? Last I checked we weren't. Fighting that is." Did avoiding each other count as fighting? She wasn't sure...

JW%: The boy frowned. "Why did you answer like that." He broke into a triumphant grin. "Because you're feeling guilty! You are fighting with Big Brother!"

AlkonostStorm: "I am not fighting with Seto. I was just...just dealing with womanly issues I can't avoid even if I tried."

JW%: "Riiiight. You're fighting. And my big brother is going to win!"

"Shut up Mokuba." Seto said coming down the hallway to shoo the boy away.

AlkonostStorm: She watched as he shooed the boy away, relieved she wouldn't have had to explain herself further. Granted, Mokuba probably had SOME knowledge about menstruation by this point thanks to school but still, it was awkward having to explain that.

JW%: Seto did order Theoris flowers and chocolates that evening, but did not visit her, and without plans, he mostly continued with work and kept an eye on Mokuba's antics.

AlkonostStorm: Theoris did store away the chocolates but she didn't do anything with the flowers, leaving them be. Personally, she was more than a little irked by the gifts: if they were meant to replace his presence, they failed utterly at that. After a few seconds, she grabbed the box of chocolates and headed over to his room, knocking on the door.

JW%: "Yes?" Seto answered.

AlkonostStorm: "I..." There was a pause as she showed him the box of chocolates. "Want some? I could never eat this all by myself." Pause. "And I...I missed you."

JW%: He opened the door and let her in, gesturing for her to head to the bed.

AlkonostStorm: She walked into the room, moving to sit on the bed and placing the box beside her as she removed her slippers and pulled her legs up before crossing them.

JW%: He took a moment to consider her, gazing along her legs as she crossed them before her. "Lean back." He told her, taking a chocolate from the box.

AlkonostStorm: Dark chocolate shell with mint filling... She remembered as she leaned back for him, using the headboard as support.

JW%: "This is probably going to sound rather strange." Seto told her, feeding her the chocolate. "But I've been wanting to do this for about a week now."

AlkonostStorm: She took a moment to savor the treat, appreciating the combination of dark chocolate mixing with the minty filling to combine something new. "What? Feed me chocolate?" Theoris straightened and reached for the box, picking out a white chocolate lump lightly dusted with cinnamon and containing a coffee filling. "Now you lean back."

JW%: "Feed you chocolate... rub your feet... pamper and worship you... something along those lines." He said, leaning back against some pillows.

AlkonostStorm: She smiled slightly, placing the chocolate in his mouth before moving to lie down on her side, facing him. "That's very sweet of you."

JW%: He seemed more inclined to suck her finger than the chocolate, though he closed his eyes in enjoyment of it. He liked the coffee flavor filling. He took a moment just to lay there eyes closed on the bed with her.

AlkonostStorm: She moved a bit closer to him, her forehead lightly pressed against his own as they relaxed, enjoying each other's presence in comfortable silence.

JW%: "I suppose I should get started, shouldn't I?" He finally sighed.

AlkonostStorm: "We could just keep on with what we started." She told him as she leaned away to reach for the box again.

JW%: "If that's what you'd like." He smiled, and caught her fingertips, lifting the bit of chocolate to his own lips.

AlkonostStorm: This time, it was a dark chocolate with mango filling. Theoris did not immediately pull her fingers away, watching as his lips brushed past them. After a second, she withdrew her hand, gazing into his eyes.

JW%: He took a bite of the chocolate, and then held the other half for her to taste, closing his eyes and leaning against her again.

AlkonostStorm: She leaned in, taking the other half from his fingers with her mouth, blinking once when it dawned on her they had just shared an indirect kiss. Of course, it was entirely possible he had planned that...

JW%: He had, though the fact that he followed it up with an actual kiss didn't hurt matters either.

AlkonostStorm: She returned the kiss, one hand going up to caress his cheek. Theoris couldn't recall a time they had slowed down like this but she wasn't complaining either. It was...nice. Warm. Intimate.

JW%: He stroked her shoulder and reached for another chocolate, but let his hand rest near the box as he simply gazed into her eyes and waited.

AlkonostStorm: She pulled back, giving a slight nod so that he could go ahead and pick.

JW%: He picked another one with a kind of cream filling and offered it to her first this time, moving to kiss her almost immediately to get the flavor from her lips and tongue.

AlkonostStorm: Milk chocolate with a cream almond filling. Theoris barely had time to chew and swallow, never mind savor, before he moved in for the kiss. This time it lasted a bit longer than the first but was still slow and gentle.

JW%: "You're still not... in the mood for something more physical, are you?" He asked touching her cheek with his knuckles, to avoid his sticky fingers touching her face.

AlkonostStorm: "Not yet. Soon, perhaps but...right now I just want your company, Seto." She said, wrapping her arms around him in a hug.

JW%: "I'm fine with that." He said, putting his arm around her, but not squeezing, just holding her gently. "So I don't have to rub your feet?"

AlkonostStorm: "I'll take a rain check on that one." She told him, a teasing note in her voice as she spoke.

JW%: "I suppose I'll have to owe you." He said, teasing her as well, and leaning in to touch their noses together for a moment while he gazed into her eyes.

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Dark Scorpions Sentai

Episode synopsis says they're a special subgroup within the Shadow Riders...but when the episode starts pulling out moments like this...XD



Derpy fanart

I'm sorry but this had to be immortalized, especially since Banner's depictions of Yugi and Seto look so derpy. XD


...Yeah, not even going there. Too easy.

Lack of sleep

This one isn't so funny as it is wondering if the darker-than-usual shading was intentional, as if to reflect that Seto's been losing sleep over the whole "hologram" fiasco.

Not just for Kaibas


Possible relative of Yugi

If she is a Motou, her hair is relatively tame for one! Still, dem bangs...

This made me lol

I was laughing too hard when this came up. I probably shouldn't have been but it made my day XD

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[Poll #1908315]

Just want to generate discussion on the idea. Never mind that an rp about the premise IS in the works...
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such a pretty girl?
I'm Apparently Kaibasexual )

Seriously...Y SO PRETTY KAIBA?
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Pages: 339
Words: 203,831
Characters (no spaces): 934,085
Characters (with spaces): 1,132,176
Paragraphs: 5,832
Lines: 19,495

Of course if I ever adapt this rp into fanfic form that's gonna lead to A LOT of editing...*groan*

Here's some Trustshipping and Azureshipping. Just because. ^^


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From Atlantis to the Present, a list of Seto and Theoris' incarnations. Since new ones are starting to pop up, this is mostly to keep track.

Atlantis (relevant in Doma Arc):
-Critias (Senator, Knight of Atlantis)
-Arsinoe (Hetaera)

Ancient Egypt (relevant in Millennium World, Coming Forth by Day):
-Set (High Priest, Pharaoh) [headcanon says he becomes Seth-Peribsen]
-Henutawwy (High Priestess, Queen)

Roman Empire:
-Hadrian (Roman Legionnaire)
-Gisila (Visigoth tribal Queen)

15th Century (relevant in Duelists of the Roses):
-Christian Rosenkreutz (Crusader, Prince)
-Alaine de Poitiers (Divine Duelist, Noble)

16th Century Ottoman Empire:
-Selim (Yeniceri, nobleman)
-Rhea Petraliphas (Harem slave/concubine)

Second Opium War/Bakumatsu
-Inoue Tsubaki

-Demian Kaiser (Soldier)
-Nadya Djuric (Lounge singer)

Present Day:
-Seto Kaiba (CEO)
-Theoris Takeda (Secretary, professional Duelist)
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Huldra Maker Alaine and Majin

Pretty detailed dressup. This screencap features an SCIII character I made for Chronicles of the Swords (her job was Saint, if you want specifics) as a Huldra while the guy she's trying to ensnare is the OC of an old friend. What we've figured out of their backstory so far is complicated.
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Actually, not really... But that's what happens when I've saved up a 300+ page transcript of my message history with PercentiledOne over the now-expired MSN Messenger onto Word and decide to polish it up a bit. The copy-pasting CAN be done, once you open the message history on IE; the problem was that it copy-pasted the table onto Word as well. So. Tedious.

In the meantime, have some pics:


Given what sort of power corporations have in YGO, I could actually see a crossover with Tiger & Bunny being quite viable. Granted a lot of things would have to be worked out first...


Introducing the adorableness that is the Seto!Pileup. I want to take all these chibis home with me; sure they'd cause trouble, and there would likely be times I'll want to punch them but YE GODS THE ADORABLE IS ENOUGH TO INDUCE CAVITIES.


Found this pic while trying to find a bellydance costume reference for a later scene. Thought it was cute and could picture Theoris wearing this.


Herr Kaiba! Sieg heil!


Just imagine him making airplane noises and the image is Pure. Gold.


Because leaving all of these guys in the same room would totally be a good idea...Yep. *srs nod*

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It's in the Beta stages but I like what I see so far./distracted by the pretty

Goddess Maker Persephone and Hathor

Goddess Maker Arsinoe

Goddess Maker Arsinoe and Gisila

Goddess Maker AtFDaRO Persephone

Goddess Maker Gisila

Goddess Maker Gisila 2

Goddess Maker Hathor

Goddess Maker Lenne

You can find it here: http://www.azaleasdolls.com


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