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Team Dragoon

Prompts used: 1, 2, 5, 6, 10-12, 15, 17, 19

Dear Warrior of Light Siegfried:

You will not win. I will make sure of that. Even in this prison, with what powers that are available to me, I will not stop until I have taken all you hold dear and broken you utterly.

Dear Shantotto:

Well played. However, some would call your stratagem 'running away.'

Dear Bahamut:

Your caves are most spacious and vast. Your hoard is mine now, by the way.

Dear Cid Lufaine:

Enjoy your new corporeal form.

Dear (Past) Me:

Sealing up those aspects was probably the best plan regarding Cosmos and Chaos.

Dear (Future) Me:

Be wary of the gods you made. Even tools can turn on their wielder.

Dear Bartandelus:

Your L'cie remembers his name. If you know what's good for you you'll fix that.

Dear Marilith:

Your scales are so lustruous and are most becoming on you. Your skin contrasts with your hair in a way that is most attractive. If you ever tire of the company of your cohorts, I would have no objections in showing you the size of my...hoard.

Dear Kraken:

I'm collecting on that favor you owe me. That L'cie toy of Bartandelus is a formidable opponent and a font of courage for the Warrior of Light. Break her...however you see fit.

Dear Claire:

To defy your master is to defy me. Holding such sway over him...You will regret this.

[Notes: A lot of this is based off of a DDFF rp me and Railenthe are doing while other parts are lifted from the game. While the bit with Marilith does have some basis in the rp as well, the idea of Shinryu/Marilith is very much crack. The mention of Shantotto is a reference to her DLC in the Japanese version, where she pretty much finds a way to escape the cycles. Also, the prompts aren't in order, and there's obvious mentions of WoL/Lightning.]
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Oh dear, where to begin...there's so many people I wish had been in this game and the one before. Alright, it's listing time! *whips out a notepad with the Cosmos ensign on it* FROM THE TOP:

Leonhart: Doing an rp with Railenthe has really made this guy grow on me and frankly, I believe he's overdue for a character upgrade. As a Chaos Warrior, Leon would be the ideal middle ground between mage and warrior: both his physical and magical damage are quite high in-game. It would also be interesting to see how his DK powers would develop in this game. It'd be so cool if SE took a Top Cow-esque approach here but that might be too scary...

Vayne Carrudas Solidor: Another choice for the Chaos group, because let's face it, they need more physical attackers: Sephy, Gabranth and Jecht ain't gonna cut it. Vayne stands out not only as a melee fighter but also as a job class: he's the first FFvillain who fights with his fists (though he probably uses some magic, I wouldn't know I haven't beaten my copy yet). Frankly I've been wanting him to show up in the series since the first game, but SE decided on Gabranth instead. Also, there's plot potential to be had with Vayne in the group. Depending on how you look at it, if not for his machiavellian approach to things, Vayne could have actually been a good guy. Which in turn leads to some interesting twists...

Oerba Yun Fang: If there had to be any extras from XIII, this would have been my candidate. As far as Factions go, she's a possible Chaos candidate due to her role in the XIII plotline. On the other hand, a technicality that goes with that role might place her among the earlier Cosmos Warriors like Shantotto and Prishe.

Barthandelus: I was hoping this guy would be Lightning's Chaos counterpart if only because of how deep his Magnificent Bastardry goes in their game. Plotwise, Barthandelus would be outscheming all the other Chaos Warriors and trolling them into doing as he wants them to do; he'd also take the time to deliver some well-timed BSODs to some of the Cosmos Warriors. Because that's how the Fal Cie roll *pulls on cool shades*

Ashelia B'Nargin Dalmasca: She was an awesome character in her own game and it would have made my day if she had been in Dissidia. There's also my hope of Foe Yay between her and Vayne but that's beside the point. Gameplay-wise she'd probably be able to equip all the stuff Terra can't, and even though I haven't played VI, I wish that Terra was in this game.

And so far that's everyone that comes to mind for this entry. Input is always welcome!

^A lie, disregard it because I just remembered who  I was missing!

Ramza Beoulve: Not unlike Shantotto and Prishe, Ramza would pretty much be BAMF! in comparison to the current Cosmos Warriors. Like many in the game's plotline he wants to end the conflict; unlike the others, he doesn't really trust Cosmos or Chaos due to his own story in FFT. At any rate, it would have been interesting to play as Ramza in DDFF. In fact one way of determining his class roles could have been that you could import your FFT info into DDFF. I've overthought this haven't I...?
EDIT: To clear up some confusion when I mentioned Top Cow I was reffering to the company that sells the Witchblade series. The story is quite long, but essentially it involves thirteen artifacts (the last one appearing when the twelve are gathered) all with strange and mystical powers, as well as the people that control these artifacts and get caught up in the mess surrounding them. The one artifact that requires attention at the moment is called The Darkness.

^Essentially if Leon had been in the game, this is what I was hoping his DK powers would become.



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