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Mmm...dat uniform...


Let's ignore the fact that the thought that brought about this idea in the first place was the mental image itself mmmkay?

His name would be Demian Kaiser. He'd be the leader of a tank team (with Noa and Mokuba's incarnations as teammates. SURPRISINGLY NO ONE IS RELATED TO ONE ANOTHER. For the record, Nazi!Noa is the spotter and Nazi!Mokuba is the mechanic. Demian handles both driving and shooting) and his tank would bear the affectionate nickname of "Fraulein Blitz." It may or may not have a BEWD decal on the side. Allied!Yugi would be his rival (DUR) and lead a tank team of his own. HIS tank bears the epithet of Dark Maiden and probably has a DMG decal on its side.

I mostly embellished but the credit for this incarnation goes to PercentiledOne. NEEDLESS TO SAY WE'RE OVERTHINKING THINGS A BIT.
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It would be with Ishizu and Yami.

I'm not big on pairing Yami and Kaiba but I do like Trustshipping (Seto/Ishizu). And now I seriously want to play around with this OT3 and make it work.

Problem is, I need prompts. It would be ideal to get a prompt from LK himself but considering he didn't seem to know what I meant by prompt when I asked...XD

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Fandom: YuGiOh (specifically Duelists of the Roses)
Characters: "Seto" Christian Rosenkreutz/Rose Duelist PC (represented by my YGO OC's incarnation for this time period, Alaine de France)
Prompt: Hunter and Prey. "I just brought down a Red Eyes Meteor Dragon and ate its heart for landing the killing blow. I've more than earned the privilege to dominate you again."


*adds prompt to pot and lets it simmer*
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Most people did not know about it's existence. The few who did called it "Labyrinth of the Lost"; anything that was lost could be recovered in this place, from forgotten wonders like the Great Library of Mysidia to more abstract things, such as emotions or memories.

Ultimately, they would end up in the Labyrinth of the Lost.

Unlike most labyrinths, this one was no stationary structure of stone or hedges; no, this labyrinth grew, new cloisters and passageways being added on with the passing of time. Not even those with vast experience could say how far its passages went and any who dared to map the Labyrinth treated their maps with extreme care, as though they were more valuable than Gold Angels.

Like most living dungeons, the labyrinth would test the adventurers wandering its halls and cloisters. Sure, one could venture in to recover what they had lost, but it was not a simple matter. No, they had to be tested first, and prove they were worthy of recovering their lost item. In addition, only certain cloisters would contain items such as memories or one's original self, and these cloisters were not easy to find. Another rumor said that they could only be accessed by certain people, but no one could say for certain for they had not located them yet:

The Cloister of Falsehoods
The Cloister of Imitation
The Counterfeit Cloister
The Delusory Cloister
 The Cloister of Fallacies
The Cloister of Phantoms
The Cloister of Imagination
The Cloister of Transcience
The Cloister of Capriciousness
The Ephemeral Cloister
The Cloister of Antiquity
The Cloister of Idleness
The Fleeting Cloister

There was of course, one more, and it was the oldest cloister of all.

The Cthonic Cloister.

It was said that it was here where Shinryu slumbered and dreamed. Some say he made this Cloister his home, others called it his prison. Whatever the case, this was the Dragon's den, which he could not leave, not without fulfilling certain conditions.

There would be many a prayer asking that these conditions never come to pass, lest it result in the twilight of the world.


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