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Title: Bragging Contest
Fandom: Dissidia Final Fantasy
Characters: Warrior of Light, Shinryu
Words: 82
Rating: K
Summary: Before the final battle, the Warrior of Light exchanges words with his most formidable opponent.Very short piece, heavily inspired by Bilbo's confrontation with Smaug the Terrible in The Hobbit.

"My teeth and claws, the sharpest swords.
My scales, the most enduring armor.
My magic is an oncoming storm, thou cannot hope to outrun it.
My breath shall be your end."

"The sharper the sword, the more brittle the blade.
Strike it enough times, and even the strongest armor will give way to my sword.
I'm no good at magic but my comrades will pick up the slack.
As for your breath, today will be the last day you ever draw any."
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Mmm...dat uniform...


Let's ignore the fact that the thought that brought about this idea in the first place was the mental image itself mmmkay?

His name would be Demian Kaiser. He'd be the leader of a tank team (with Noa and Mokuba's incarnations as teammates. SURPRISINGLY NO ONE IS RELATED TO ONE ANOTHER. For the record, Nazi!Noa is the spotter and Nazi!Mokuba is the mechanic. Demian handles both driving and shooting) and his tank would bear the affectionate nickname of "Fraulein Blitz." It may or may not have a BEWD decal on the side. Allied!Yugi would be his rival (DUR) and lead a tank team of his own. HIS tank bears the epithet of Dark Maiden and probably has a DMG decal on its side.

I mostly embellished but the credit for this incarnation goes to PercentiledOne. NEEDLESS TO SAY WE'RE OVERTHINKING THINGS A BIT.
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...Another hard question. Oh well this should be easier than day five at least. Anyway FROM THE TOP!

Blood Weapons/Magic: If only because they recover HP with every HP attack. That said, it's a little harder to pull off Blood Magic because SE decided there couldn't be a little black window for the buttons like in Fervid Blazer.

GESTALT MODE: Technically this isn't the term used in DDFF but it was the term used in Lightning's game. The attacks used in the EX Burst are actually the attacks she performs with Odin in XIII as well....SQUARE Y U LEAVE OUT HORSE!ODIN?!

Holy Dragoon: This is one of the ex-burst where you'd have to work to miss the button cues. It's ridiculously easy to pull off...Here's wondering why Yuna and Prishe's EX Bursts couldn't be just as easy...

In general, I love EX Mode and the EX Burst, not only do you get a fancy form and extra abilities but the crit rate gets a massive boost as well, which leads to easier BRV Breaks. And when the time comes....IT WILL BE THE BEST ASS-KICKING EVER!


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