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1 Levi
1 Dot Pixis
3 Eren Yeager
3 Mikasa Ackerman
5 Sasha Braus
5 Hanji Zoe
7 Jean Kirschtein
8 Bean
8 Dita Ness
8 Nanaba
8 Moblit
12 Marco Bodt
13 Christa Renz
13 Irvin Smith
13 Hannah
13 Keith Shadis
13 Franz
13 Petra Ral
13 Gunter Shulz
13 Erd Gin
13 Hitch
13 Nile Dawk
13 Rene
13 Colossal Titan
13 Sawney
13 Ilse Langner
13 Armored Titan
13 Female Titan
13 Rene
13 Henning
13 Gerger
32 Armin Arlert
32 Auruo Bossard
32 Ape Titan
35 Bertholdt Fubar
35 Reiner Braun
35 Annie Leonhardt
35 Ymir
35 Conny Springer
40 Grisha Yeager
40 Rico Brzenska
40 Mina Carolina
40 Carla Yeager
44 Ian Dietrich
45 Mike Zakarius
45 Tomas Wagner
45 Hannes

This is my favorite character hierarchy for Attack on Titan. After three tries, I just decided to get rid of the ones that didn't interest me that much.



My day. It is made.
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Tried it out with my Bayonetta OC. It's ridiculously fun to fill out. I might use it more to keep track of my OCs.
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Title: Bragging Contest
Fandom: Dissidia Final Fantasy
Characters: Warrior of Light, Shinryu
Words: 82
Rating: K
Summary: Before the final battle, the Warrior of Light exchanges words with his most formidable opponent.Very short piece, heavily inspired by Bilbo's confrontation with Smaug the Terrible in The Hobbit.

"My teeth and claws, the sharpest swords.
My scales, the most enduring armor.
My magic is an oncoming storm, thou cannot hope to outrun it.
My breath shall be your end."

"The sharper the sword, the more brittle the blade.
Strike it enough times, and even the strongest armor will give way to my sword.
I'm no good at magic but my comrades will pick up the slack.
As for your breath, today will be the last day you ever draw any."
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JW%: "Make it so." Seto told Chekov, dismissing him. Then he called up Mokuba to make alternative plans.

AlkonostStorm: Mokuba looked up from the mods he was programming into the Capsule Monsters game to answer the phone. "Yeah, Seto?"

JW%: "Mokuba, remember the old days?" Seto almost purred with the thought of mayhem. "We saved all those... less than safety committee-approved gear, right?"

AlkonostStorm: "...You mean that time when you thought you looked cool with Pistachio-green hair and gold eye contacts?"

JW%: Seto took several moments of silence. "Yes Mokuba. That time. No, I'm not dying my hair, or putting contacts in."

AlkonostStorm: "I still don't know what possessed you to go for that shade of green." Pause. "Yeah, they should still be around. Especially since a lot of money went into some of that gear; you didn't want it thrown away because it'd be a waste."

JW%: "I was trying for blonde!" Seto snapped and then regained his composure. "Anyway, you're aware of the issue with the MacDowan Corp." Mokuba probably wasn't. "That they're attempting to block Kaiba land's development for reasons that appear petty and spiteful. We might have to show them we can play at their level too."
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Huldra Maker Alaine and Majin

Pretty detailed dressup. This screencap features an SCIII character I made for Chronicles of the Swords (her job was Saint, if you want specifics) as a Huldra while the guy she's trying to ensnare is the OC of an old friend. What we've figured out of their backstory so far is complicated.
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Mmm...dat uniform...


Let's ignore the fact that the thought that brought about this idea in the first place was the mental image itself mmmkay?

His name would be Demian Kaiser. He'd be the leader of a tank team (with Noa and Mokuba's incarnations as teammates. SURPRISINGLY NO ONE IS RELATED TO ONE ANOTHER. For the record, Nazi!Noa is the spotter and Nazi!Mokuba is the mechanic. Demian handles both driving and shooting) and his tank would bear the affectionate nickname of "Fraulein Blitz." It may or may not have a BEWD decal on the side. Allied!Yugi would be his rival (DUR) and lead a tank team of his own. HIS tank bears the epithet of Dark Maiden and probably has a DMG decal on its side.

I mostly embellished but the credit for this incarnation goes to PercentiledOne. NEEDLESS TO SAY WE'RE OVERTHINKING THINGS A BIT.
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It would be with Ishizu and Yami.

I'm not big on pairing Yami and Kaiba but I do like Trustshipping (Seto/Ishizu). And now I seriously want to play around with this OT3 and make it work.

Problem is, I need prompts. It would be ideal to get a prompt from LK himself but considering he didn't seem to know what I meant by prompt when I asked...XD

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On a sidenote...

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(subtitle: The demand for scarletite has been decreased from 28 to 5)

I have decided to form an all-girl team for 000 and therefore, their gear takes priority above everyone else's. So far, three spots have been confirmed:

1. Terra
2. Yuna
3. Lightning

Who will get the last two spots is unknown. WE SHALL SEE >8D

Oh yeah, and have Seph and Yuna fighting to the tune of Swan Lake

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This one is from my original playthrough. Enjoy
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AND NOW THAT I'VE BEATEN IT IT'S TIME TO WORK ON PREPARING EVERYBODY FOR 000. Currently I have a party right now, all maxed out characters (Sephiroth, Ultimecia, Terra, Squall, Firion to be exact) but they're not the official designated party, just the exploratory treasure hunting one.


Anyone know where I can get 27 Scarletites?

What for?

Well, I need them for the second most powerful weapons...I already have ONE scarletite...I need twenty seven more! 8D

...This is going to be fun >>;
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"It needs to be done. That bastard has screwed me over too many times. He needs to realize that humans are more than just tools to be used and cast aside."

Expecting the conversation to be over and done, the young woman turned around and began to walk away from the throne. The armored knight standing beside it could only watch, somehow managing to contain the conflicting emotions he was feeling at that moment. With a deep breath, he tries one more time to stop her from leaving.

"You'll be playing right into his hands, Lightning."

That made her stop, though she did not turn around to face him. "I know. I know that better than anyone else on our side." As she speaks, her hand moves to her chest. The pulse is very faint, but she can still feel it; a subtle reminder that she must answer the call, because that is the way things must be.

The Warrior of Light coming up behind her has a different opinion.

"So you've just given up, then? You're stronger than this! Fight it with all you have, Lightning." Usually, emotional interactions are a private matter, even from the Goddess they fight for; Siegfried breaks that unwritten rule the moment his arms wrap around Lightning's waist. He does not want to lose her to the Fal'Cie, even though he realizes that outcome is inevitable. After a few minutes, the pinkette slowly pries herself free from his grip and finally turns around to face him.

"My defiance won't change anything, Siegfried; he'll just do a roundabout plan to set me right back on the course he wants." Her no-nonsense, defeatist tone is so unlike her, the man can't help wondering if this is the woman he knows and loves. A part of him wishes to pretend it's a deception orchestrated by the enemy but he knows better than to indulge in such flights of fancy. His thoughts are interrupted by Lightning's hand as it settles on his cheek.

"It's better to give him what he wants and avoid all the bullshitting he'd throw my way if I did otherwise. I wish I could stand against him and defy him openly, even more than you realize. As things stand, my options are limited."

"Claire..." Not for the first time since she told him her intentions last night, he wishes he could follow and fight beside her. The disciplined warrior in him knows better than to take this course of action; Siegfried will not let his desires get in the way of protecting Cosmos.

"Be careful out there." Somehow he manages not to make it sound like a desperate plea as he watches her pull away and resume walking towards the gateway that provided the entrance to Sanctuary. The only indication that she heard him at all is a parting wave.

Assuming his original position near Cosmos' throne, Siegfried can do little else except watch her leave.
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For starters, Vaan and Gabranth. Interaction between them is all but impossible due to the timegap between their time serving in the war. I would have also loved to see more interaction between WoL and Lightning since I didn't get Prologus when it came out. In fact any interaction between Team Cannon Fodder and the rest of Team Cosmos would have been great. Of course we have Kain to thank for the lack of the above....*glares at Kain*

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There's going to be quite a few ships here, some of which may or may not make any sense. *pulls out several champagne bottles* TIME TO LAUNCH ZE SHIPS! >8D

Lightshipping: Admittedly, I didn't care too much about WoL as a character before this rolled around. Then Lightshipping and 012 happened giving me the "HEY THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD BE ON TEAM WOL" visual promo. Then, there was Lightning being added on to the Cosmos roster. Having played (and beaten) XIII, I was already a huge Lightning fan and knowing her personality, was fully aware that some sparks would fly. In my RP with Railenthe, I usually play Lightning and have a blast doing so. Admittedly, this rp has her showing some of her vulnerable side but she's still dealing snark and bitchyness in equal measure. On a downer note, Lightshipping seems to be perfect Angst Bait. Me and Rai just. Can't. Stop. Brainstorming. Ways. To. Make. It. Worse.

Summoner's Knight: Admittedly this one came about rather suddenly and unexpectedly. The inspiration? A Laguna/Yuna prompt I put up myself. While I do like the canonship of Tidus and Yuna, the fangirl part of my brain decided that in Dissidia, Yuna needs to be with an older man! Obviously not Jecht, since he's more like a father/uncle figure to her, which leaves Laguna as the only other (and not entirely undesirable) option. Yuna's main class in X-2 pushed this line of thinking even further. It also helps that they work well as a team (I tend to pair my ships together when it comes to the assist system) in battle. And now as I write this I realize that some of Yuna's HP attacks share one similarity with Laguna's: two have beam/laser type attacks and a third causes a huge lightning explosion. That's right, these two like to blow stuff up! Also, the interaction with these two would likely have been adorable if not for SE leaving it at the Ship Tease stage.

PalaMecia: The oldest ship here, since it's been around since the first game. As Railenthe pointed out in her own entry, there's never any cutscene where the Emperor disrespects or is snarky towards Ultimecia, and for most of the plot, they're usually seen together. On a note of Fridge Brilliance, their alliance works out quite well: Mateus would control every aspect of existence, including time with Ultimecia at his side. Sure there's that not-so-little part with Time Compression but it's beside the point. Together, these two make for quite a glamorous and evil pair. Crowning proof that Evil is Sexy, everyone! 8D

Balanceshipping: Divine Foe Yay, anyone? The whole of Shade Impulse goes a long way to proving these two are a canon ship. Harmony and Discord are two sides of the same coin, same with Order and Chaos or Light and Darkness. Perhaps I was the only one with this impression at the conclusion of Destiny Odyssey but it seemed to me like Chaos did not hate Cosmos there. If he had, I doubt he would have obliged her wish and incinerated her so that her chosen could survive. Of course, we also have the plot to thank for the perpetual downer note that's attached to this ship no thanks to certain entities. Here's hoping that in the next installment these two get a happy ending. Maybe I'm the only one with this impression, but it seems to me both are tired of fighting each other, even if they don't let it on much. The mental image of Chaos hugging Cosmos with all four arms is ADORABLE IMHO

LockWind: Chapter 8 of 012. Halfway through Kain joins as Tifa's assist, this happening not long after Tifa dukes it out with Ultimecia who gives voice to Kain's shenanigans in the twelfth cycle. Despite all claims and evidence pointing to the truth, Tifa still chooses to believe in him and give him the benefit of the doubt though even then Kain doesn't get off scott-free; subtle guilttripping ensues! Admittedly I forgot exactly how Chapter 8 ended but Kain and Tifa's interactions throughout pretty much curbstomped the idea of any CloTi shipping in this game. It was also very refreshing to have her try her pep talk skills on someone who's NOT Cloud, IMO.

And that's my quota for now. Tbh I have no real problems with slash but I haven't found a pairing in Dissidia yet that would make me go "MOAR OF THAT PLZ", plus I keep running into yaoi everywhere Anyway, these are my ships and why I'm into them. Commentary is appreciated as always! 8D
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Subtitle: I dunno which meme question I'll answer yet.

It's one thing to do a character profile and another to figure out their tropes. ONWARDS!

Shout-out: Her namesake is the character Lenne from Final Fantasy X-2.
Expy: Of Lenne, mostly because initially that served as the base of the character design's appearance. Personality wise, she's quite different.
Instant Awesome Just Add Dragons: Used to serve as a Dragoon in Deist's air force, resigning from service once her wyvern Falstaff had died.
Multi-Melee Master: Wields multiple weapons, her arsenal including an axe, a bastard sword, a spear, a chain sickle (used rarely) and throwing knives.
Lady of War: She fits the trope in that she leads a mercenary unit in her family's mercenary force but otherwise this troper is trying to figure out if she fits the other requirements.
Action Girl
Blade on a stick
: Having once been a dragoon, she favors spears.
Battle Couple: With Leon
Mama Bear: With Kain and Onion Knight Luneth, once this troper figures out when to best use that scenario
Baleful Polymorph: Can turn into a dragon thanks to a special suit of dragonmail armor.
Extreme Omnivore: Only in Dragonform.
Shipper on Deck: PalaMecia, anyone?
Friends with Benefits: With Leon.

  • He wants a Relationship Upgrade FYI
  • She believes he could do better. Oddly enough, it's only in relationship issues where self-esteem problems come up
Ethical Slut: In the sense that she doesn't take other partners when involved with someone. They might as well be married living in sin
Purple Eyes
  • Hers are hereditary but it seems to be a recurring trend among dragoons
Staff chick: Subverted in that while she knows some magic, she's a terrible healer and relies on recovery items.
Berserk Button: People interpreting her relationship with Leon the wrong way.
  • Justified in that she has commitment issues

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I'm gonna take it easy for the moment, just clearing one cloister at a time with maxed out characters. Note to self: remember to get ALL THE TENTS/COTTAGES.

Cloister of Beginnings: CLEARED

PC: Terra Branford (Alt 1)
Party: 1 (yep Terra solo'd this cloister)
Assists: Several (didn't count them)

Cloister of Encounters: Stopped at 13th Floor
PC: Terra Branford (Alt 1)
Party: Terra, Squall, WoL, Ultimecia
Assists: Gabranth, Golbez, Laguna, Lightning
Reason: Failed to meet Door requirement

Cloister of Encounters (2nd Attempt): CLEARED
PC: Terra Branford
Party: Terra, Squall, Bartz, Ultimecia, Sephiroth
Assists: Lost track XD

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A continuation of Day 27 in the DDFF meme, this time listing non-FF characters. *pulls out Cosmos-brand notepad* FROM THE TOP:

Fenris (Dragon Age 2): Admittedly my logic for this character is that there should at least be someone voiced by Gideon Emery in the game. *dodges bullets* That said, Fenris has quite a bit of character dev potential and it would be interesting to note his interactions with the Cosmos warriors.

In the Dragon Age setting, magic isn't available to everyone and those who are born with it, if caught by the Magic Police force known as the Templars, are taken to the Circles of Magi, where they have to live out the rest of their lives under Templar supervision. Those who evaded the Templars are known as apostates, and are considered illegal. To the more extremist Templars, apostate is synonimous with maleficar, which is a mage who uses Blood Magic. This is a stark contrast to most of the FF-verses where anyone could learn magic if they have the knowledge.

Admittedly, while it's possible to friendlymance Fenris despite being a mage in-game, it's not enough to make him completely disregard his prejudice against mages (knowing his character history, it's understandable). In DDFF, the plot potential would lie in his interactions with Terra and Yuna (confirmed mage PCs): Terra for her struggle to control her Esper-powers (as it stands, she's the one who could prove his case once and for all that mages are always and will be dangerous people that should not be treated as such) and with Yuna even more so, as her summoning powers will pretty much be the same as Blood Magic in his game (there's no summoner specialization in Dragon Age).

Shepard (Mass Effect series): Okay I'll be honest; I just want Shepard in this because then there will be another Multi-Range fighter besides Laguna XD. Admittedly, while Shepard doesn't have an impressive satellite laser in his/her arsenal, he/she does carry some impressive weapons; in Mass Effect 2 he/she can carry up to four different types of guns ranging from pistols to submachine weapons like a flame thrower or grenade launcher.

Depending on the player's choice of career, Shepard may also be able to wield Biotics, ME's brand of "magic" (more psionic/psychic based-powers tbh). Story potential here would be Shepard trying to cope with the situation he/she is in. Compared to other Cosmos Warriors, Shepard is quite normal, an Alliance soldier who was named Spectre. Granted, that's pretty impressive in the ME world (Spectres are an elite force, and Shep is the first human to join their ranks). In comparison to the characters wielding magics and other such skills, Shepard is a human armed with multiple firearms (and possibly) psionic abilities known as Biotics.

And that's all for now...there's gonna be other choices but I'm still trying to figure out if they'd work and how XD

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Oh dear, where to begin...there's so many people I wish had been in this game and the one before. Alright, it's listing time! *whips out a notepad with the Cosmos ensign on it* FROM THE TOP:

Leonhart: Doing an rp with Railenthe has really made this guy grow on me and frankly, I believe he's overdue for a character upgrade. As a Chaos Warrior, Leon would be the ideal middle ground between mage and warrior: both his physical and magical damage are quite high in-game. It would also be interesting to see how his DK powers would develop in this game. It'd be so cool if SE took a Top Cow-esque approach here but that might be too scary...

Vayne Carrudas Solidor: Another choice for the Chaos group, because let's face it, they need more physical attackers: Sephy, Gabranth and Jecht ain't gonna cut it. Vayne stands out not only as a melee fighter but also as a job class: he's the first FFvillain who fights with his fists (though he probably uses some magic, I wouldn't know I haven't beaten my copy yet). Frankly I've been wanting him to show up in the series since the first game, but SE decided on Gabranth instead. Also, there's plot potential to be had with Vayne in the group. Depending on how you look at it, if not for his machiavellian approach to things, Vayne could have actually been a good guy. Which in turn leads to some interesting twists...

Oerba Yun Fang: If there had to be any extras from XIII, this would have been my candidate. As far as Factions go, she's a possible Chaos candidate due to her role in the XIII plotline. On the other hand, a technicality that goes with that role might place her among the earlier Cosmos Warriors like Shantotto and Prishe.

Barthandelus: I was hoping this guy would be Lightning's Chaos counterpart if only because of how deep his Magnificent Bastardry goes in their game. Plotwise, Barthandelus would be outscheming all the other Chaos Warriors and trolling them into doing as he wants them to do; he'd also take the time to deliver some well-timed BSODs to some of the Cosmos Warriors. Because that's how the Fal Cie roll *pulls on cool shades*

Ashelia B'Nargin Dalmasca: She was an awesome character in her own game and it would have made my day if she had been in Dissidia. There's also my hope of Foe Yay between her and Vayne but that's beside the point. Gameplay-wise she'd probably be able to equip all the stuff Terra can't, and even though I haven't played VI, I wish that Terra was in this game.

And so far that's everyone that comes to mind for this entry. Input is always welcome!

^A lie, disregard it because I just remembered who  I was missing!

Ramza Beoulve: Not unlike Shantotto and Prishe, Ramza would pretty much be BAMF! in comparison to the current Cosmos Warriors. Like many in the game's plotline he wants to end the conflict; unlike the others, he doesn't really trust Cosmos or Chaos due to his own story in FFT. At any rate, it would have been interesting to play as Ramza in DDFF. In fact one way of determining his class roles could have been that you could import your FFT info into DDFF. I've overthought this haven't I...?
EDIT: To clear up some confusion when I mentioned Top Cow I was reffering to the company that sells the Witchblade series. The story is quite long, but essentially it involves thirteen artifacts (the last one appearing when the twelve are gathered) all with strange and mystical powers, as well as the people that control these artifacts and get caught up in the mess surrounding them. The one artifact that requires attention at the moment is called The Darkness.

^Essentially if Leon had been in the game, this is what I was hoping his DK powers would become.


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I'll edit this entry later with pics.

This is one of the easier questions for me, even though there are quite a few cool alternate costumes. Anyways, the honors go to....*pulls out envelope and opens it*
  • Zidane's "Assassin Marcus' Cloak" alt. I know it's a ref to the endgame in IX, but for some reason my thoughts keep going to Assassin's Creed rather than FFIX.
  • Mateus' "Light/Heavenly Emperor" form. It was an alt everyone was looking forward to and naturally, SE did not disappoint. Being a Mateus fan, I HAD TO GET THIS ONE DURR HURR.
  • Firion's Devil!Headdress alt. *has no idea what it's actually called* I like that it's so colorful, first off; very Amano-ish when it comes to colors and also DEM HORNS are about as tall as WoL's. POSSIBLE COMPETITION, MAYBE?
  • Design-wise, I think Lightning's second alt could have gotten more work, maybe made to look closer in appearance to the uniforms worn by PSICOM Huntress and SANCTUM Inquisitrix. It's one of those costumes that grows on you the longer you look at it. That said, I think the part that appealed to me the most were the stockings. I'm weird like that.
  • Prishe's second alt was another I liked. I didn't play XI so I don't know what was the costume's original purpose. On Prishe though, it looks like something you'd wear to the beach.
  • Ultimecia's Edea alt. From the moment I saw it, I pretty much fell in love with Edea's sorceress' outfit especially DAT HAT so naturally when news came out that this was her second alt guess who was a very happy fan. Still takes getting used to lack of wings though...
I'll probably add more later on when I think of any others.


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