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Levi + Mikasa: Passing the Mantle/There can only be the one of my friends strongly believes that Mikasa is gradually building up to be Levi's replacement in the story and that Levi will be killed off at some point. Anons, I want to see a heartwrenching scene where Levi passes on his title as Humanity's Strongest Soldier to Mikasa while he lays dying on the battlefield.

Bonus points for:
-Hints of Levi/Mikasa
-Levi having faith in her capabilities.



Brusque Sortie )

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Team Dragoon

Prompts used: 1, 2, 5, 6, 10-12, 15, 17, 19

Dear Warrior of Light Siegfried:

You will not win. I will make sure of that. Even in this prison, with what powers that are available to me, I will not stop until I have taken all you hold dear and broken you utterly.

Dear Shantotto:

Well played. However, some would call your stratagem 'running away.'

Dear Bahamut:

Your caves are most spacious and vast. Your hoard is mine now, by the way.

Dear Cid Lufaine:

Enjoy your new corporeal form.

Dear (Past) Me:

Sealing up those aspects was probably the best plan regarding Cosmos and Chaos.

Dear (Future) Me:

Be wary of the gods you made. Even tools can turn on their wielder.

Dear Bartandelus:

Your L'cie remembers his name. If you know what's good for you you'll fix that.

Dear Marilith:

Your scales are so lustruous and are most becoming on you. Your skin contrasts with your hair in a way that is most attractive. If you ever tire of the company of your cohorts, I would have no objections in showing you the size of my...hoard.

Dear Kraken:

I'm collecting on that favor you owe me. That L'cie toy of Bartandelus is a formidable opponent and a font of courage for the Warrior of Light. Break her...however you see fit.

Dear Claire:

To defy your master is to defy me. Holding such sway over him...You will regret this.

[Notes: A lot of this is based off of a DDFF rp me and Railenthe are doing while other parts are lifted from the game. While the bit with Marilith does have some basis in the rp as well, the idea of Shinryu/Marilith is very much crack. The mention of Shantotto is a reference to her DLC in the Japanese version, where she pretty much finds a way to escape the cycles. Also, the prompts aren't in order, and there's obvious mentions of WoL/Lightning.]
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Title: Bragging Contest
Fandom: Dissidia Final Fantasy
Characters: Warrior of Light, Shinryu
Words: 82
Rating: K
Summary: Before the final battle, the Warrior of Light exchanges words with his most formidable opponent.Very short piece, heavily inspired by Bilbo's confrontation with Smaug the Terrible in The Hobbit.

"My teeth and claws, the sharpest swords.
My scales, the most enduring armor.
My magic is an oncoming storm, thou cannot hope to outrun it.
My breath shall be your end."

"The sharper the sword, the more brittle the blade.
Strike it enough times, and even the strongest armor will give way to my sword.
I'm no good at magic but my comrades will pick up the slack.
As for your breath, today will be the last day you ever draw any."
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It's a crossover between the Persona/Shin Megami Tensei series and Borderlands.

Involving the cast from both Persona 3 and Persona 4.

We're mainly concerned with figuring out character dynamics and subplots atm but so far main plot is leaning towards being set in Borderlands 2 along with something going on that there's more than six sirens currently in existence in the universe and that might have something to do with a coalition between Hyperion Corporation and the Kirijo Group...


Also can't help but think this song will end up being relevant in-story:

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Pages: 339
Words: 203,831
Characters (no spaces): 934,085
Characters (with spaces): 1,132,176
Paragraphs: 5,832
Lines: 19,495

Of course if I ever adapt this rp into fanfic form that's gonna lead to A LOT of editing...*groan*

Here's some Trustshipping and Azureshipping. Just because. ^^


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It would be with Ishizu and Yami.

I'm not big on pairing Yami and Kaiba but I do like Trustshipping (Seto/Ishizu). And now I seriously want to play around with this OT3 and make it work.

Problem is, I need prompts. It would be ideal to get a prompt from LK himself but considering he didn't seem to know what I meant by prompt when I asked...XD

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Title: Letters
Fandom: Yugioh!
Characters/Pairings: Seto Kaiba, Critias, Set, Christian Rosenkreutz, OCs, Dreamshipping, Debateshipping, Dragonshipping, Royalshipping

In some way or another, they had exchanged letters throughout all their lifetimes.

For Critias and Arsinoe, the letters had been long, eloquent treatises on their respective arguments, waxing poetic about why their ideas were flawed and in what way.

For Set and Henutawwy, it had started out as a simple game designed to challenge each other's minds: on papyrus or wax tablets, a message would be sent, along with a cypher to help as a guide to figuring out the code. The cypher would be different each time, to keep their minds sharp.

For Alaine and Christian, they had primarily been letters of courtship, with the occasional mention of Alaine's progress in trying to capture the Red Rose Cards. Even if one took out the more graphic sections, the emotion in those letters is genuine and it isn't hard to see that both are looking forward to the idea of marriage.

For Seto and Theoris, letters are a way of writing down what they feel when they want to avoid a confrontation that could lead to arguments--a pretty damn likely outcome given their personalities. It also takes more courage than either feels to send those letters. The first letter she sends (titled "Prometheus"), Theoris is more afraid than she's ever felt in her life, as she's not certain how the boy she has grown to care for as more than her employer would react.

And yet she leaves it with the rest of the correspondence in his desk all the same, her query both simple and complicated at the same time:

She wants to be convinced that the Pact of Glory is the right path. The why of a boy who has gotten so far in life by his own strengths suddenly decides he needs the help of gods to overthrow a king.

"I respect you so much because you carved out your own destiny, Seto Kaiba. You tossed the hand you were dealt back at the dealer and dealt your own. For someone who has been told from childhood that any path she tries to decide for herself is ultimately a waste of time and that she should dedicate herself to embrace the destiny she's been given, that means something. It means that I could do the same, even in my circumstances.

Yet now...I can't help wonder if you've lost sight of that, which is why I ask that you help me to understand. -Theoris Takeda"
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Fandom: YuGiOh (specifically Duelists of the Roses)
Characters: "Seto" Christian Rosenkreutz/Rose Duelist PC (represented by my YGO OC's incarnation for this time period, Alaine de France)
Prompt: Hunter and Prey. "I just brought down a Red Eyes Meteor Dragon and ate its heart for landing the killing blow. I've more than earned the privilege to dominate you again."


*adds prompt to pot and lets it simmer*
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Warnings for: spoiler regarding Duelists of the Roses


It was the main reason Kritias had gone into politics. Of course, there's the slight drawback that he may love it too much so he went and joined the School of Philosophers as well.


Set may be one of the individuals in Pharaoh's inner circle whom the courtiers found the least appealing but even he tried to live by the principles of Ma'at.


The only reason Prince Frederick is often at odds with Christian is because he used to be the same. Not that the older man will ever admit it, of course.


Why stop when you could push further to surpass yourself? For Kaiba, the idea of stopping was never an option.


The Drakon had been fearsome and it would perhaps had been a better idea to summon his monsters to wear it down before he finished it off.

But that was not the path to Glory, so Kritias did it single-handedly.


There would be times when Set would chafe at his trappings of power, times when he'd reminisce and wish it was back to the times when he was High Priest of Amun.

But his duty towards Egypt still took precedence.


Christian had never agreed with Richard's method to gaining Crawford's allegiance but also didn't have enough pull to get the boy moved elsewhere, or even freed.

So he settled for making sure the man's son remained safe.


Like a dragon, Seto Kaiba as your enemy was something to be avoided without question.


The gods suffer arrogance in no one other than themselves. It's usually very off-putting.

However, they tend to look the other way if the upstart can back up it up with actions.
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Author: [ profile] alkonost_storm
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh (Duelists of the Roses)
Characters/Pairings: "Seto" Christian Rosenkreutz/Rose Duelist (PC)


This lifetime had been meant for her to pay for past transgressions in full. A clean slate for the next life, if only she would don the red rose.

It says much of her person that she chose to dig herself in deeper instead.


Even though it was only their first meeting, Christian could not claim the Rose Duelist was a complete stranger. Rather, the meeting had the air of old friends crossing paths after long years apart.


She could try to justify her actions to them, try to make them understand why she did not come running as they desired, a puppy eager to please her masters.

Instead, Alaine offers nothing, even when some find it in themselves to ask.


His plans proceed smoothly, even with that one bump on the road in the form of Gwyn abducting the Rose Duelist to acquire some of her blood. They are slowly losing their hold in England but she is out there, winning the battles that matter.

If his plans are coming to fruition, why does he find it so hard to look her in the eye?


Even without the armor, he reminds her of that mythical beast, his gaze promising many things, power, knowledge, his love and danger, should she disturb the beast slumbering within.

But then, that is always a risk when dealing with dragons.


He always considered himself a person that could not be easily read, a book with difficult cyphers even after the lock keeping it closed had been broken.

So why was it that she could read him so easily?


The geis compels her to feel knives where she should be feeling tiles or grass. It's even specific enough to have Alaine hear the slicing of the blades when she steps on them. It's becoming harder to evade his questions regarding the bloody bandages around her feet.

In the end, what they have is worth this pain.


It seemed to him that she fussed over his bruise more than was necessary. Yes, he had gotten blindsided and it resulted in a neatly melted hole in his armor but he was perfectly fine!

Yet for all of that, he secretly liked the attention.


He had not known what he'd wrought, bringing Arawn into their world but rather than calling him out, Alaine simply steps forward and places her hand on his own gauntleted one.

King of the Underworld or not, they would duel him and win.


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