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Team Dragoon

Prompts used: 1, 2, 5, 6, 10-12, 15, 17, 19

Dear Warrior of Light Siegfried:

You will not win. I will make sure of that. Even in this prison, with what powers that are available to me, I will not stop until I have taken all you hold dear and broken you utterly.

Dear Shantotto:

Well played. However, some would call your stratagem 'running away.'

Dear Bahamut:

Your caves are most spacious and vast. Your hoard is mine now, by the way.

Dear Cid Lufaine:

Enjoy your new corporeal form.

Dear (Past) Me:

Sealing up those aspects was probably the best plan regarding Cosmos and Chaos.

Dear (Future) Me:

Be wary of the gods you made. Even tools can turn on their wielder.

Dear Bartandelus:

Your L'cie remembers his name. If you know what's good for you you'll fix that.

Dear Marilith:

Your scales are so lustruous and are most becoming on you. Your skin contrasts with your hair in a way that is most attractive. If you ever tire of the company of your cohorts, I would have no objections in showing you the size of my...hoard.

Dear Kraken:

I'm collecting on that favor you owe me. That L'cie toy of Bartandelus is a formidable opponent and a font of courage for the Warrior of Light. Break her...however you see fit.

Dear Claire:

To defy your master is to defy me. Holding such sway over him...You will regret this.

[Notes: A lot of this is based off of a DDFF rp me and Railenthe are doing while other parts are lifted from the game. While the bit with Marilith does have some basis in the rp as well, the idea of Shinryu/Marilith is very much crack. The mention of Shantotto is a reference to her DLC in the Japanese version, where she pretty much finds a way to escape the cycles. Also, the prompts aren't in order, and there's obvious mentions of WoL/Lightning.]
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It showed in the Atlanta Symphony hall for the seventh and the eighth of June. I went on the eighth.

It. Was. Amazing. Beyond. Words. It was awesome being surrounded by so many Final Fantasy fans (me and Monique even chatted with three sitting in front of us)--some were even cosplaying or had brought merc of the series. Alas I didn't buy anything because the merc at the concert was too pricy for what I had on me at the time.

One of the highlights of the evening was definitely hearing Susan Calloway sing. At first I was a little bothered by the fact that she took deep breaths through her mouth rather than her nose (a sign she hasn't been properly trained) but her powerful voice quickly won me over, especially in her cover of Eyes on Me. MIND. BLOWN. Another song she covered was Suteki da ne which was just as beautiful (though I still prefer Erutan's cover of it).

6/8/2013 Program:

  • Final Fantasy Series: Main theme (Is it bad I was quoting Brentalfloss' cover on it?)

  • Final Fantsy I-III: Medley 2002

  • Final Fantasy VIII: Eyes on Me (Her best performance of the night. But then I'm biased towards VIII)

  • Final Fantasy IV: Battle with the Four Fiends (Is it bad I was hearing this while picturing Hyadain's version?)

  • Final Fantasy V: Main theme

  • Final Fantasy X: Zanarkand (One of my favorite compositions in the FFX OST)

  • Final Fantasy XI: Distant Worlds

  • Final Fantasy VIII: Don't be afraid (at one point they showed the Dollet sequence in the screen and I kept quoting "Chicken wuss!" at seeing Zell get all pissy towards Seifer. There was also one bit where I wondered if someone was playing the game backstage at that very moment XD)

  • Final Fantasy Series: Chocobo Medley 2012 (Definitely one of the more animated moments. Especially when they switched to Mambo de Chocobo from V)

INTERMISSION (where much fangirling/boying was had)

  • Final Fantasy VII: Opening--Bombing Mission

  • Final Fantasy XIII: Blinded by the Light

  • Final Fantasy VI: Phantom Forest

  • Final Fantasy IX: You're Not Alone (One of the highlights of the evening for me. I was even quoting Erutan's cover on it!)

  • Final Fantasy X: Suteki da ne (While I didn't know the lyrics, I did enjoy Susan Calloway's cover)

  • Final Fantasy XI: Vana'diel March

  • Final Fantasy VII: Aerith's Theme (Again, started quoting Erutan)

  • Final Fantasy Series: Battle/Victory Theme Medley

  • Final Fantasy VI: Terra's Theme (I love Terra's theme so inwardly I squeed XD)


  • One Winged Angel (Not only that but the audience got to sing along! I felt we all sounded a bit shy at first but quickly gained more confidence throughout. IT WAS AWESOME.)

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and well worth the money spent in getting the tickets. Hopefully there will be a repeat experience in the future.

On another unrelated note, have a Seto Kaiba AMV with You Know My Name (I'VE BEEN LOOKING EVERYWHERE FOR AN AMV OF SETO KAIBA WITH A JAMES BOND THEME XD):

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Title: Bragging Contest
Fandom: Dissidia Final Fantasy
Characters: Warrior of Light, Shinryu
Words: 82
Rating: K
Summary: Before the final battle, the Warrior of Light exchanges words with his most formidable opponent.Very short piece, heavily inspired by Bilbo's confrontation with Smaug the Terrible in The Hobbit.

"My teeth and claws, the sharpest swords.
My scales, the most enduring armor.
My magic is an oncoming storm, thou cannot hope to outrun it.
My breath shall be your end."

"The sharper the sword, the more brittle the blade.
Strike it enough times, and even the strongest armor will give way to my sword.
I'm no good at magic but my comrades will pick up the slack.
As for your breath, today will be the last day you ever draw any."
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My thanks to:

Kain Highwind (who did more damage than I expected in the first round and showed that certain attacks can be dodged)
Yuna (who successfully whittled down FC's health to way down the halfway mark)
Lightning (who did her best, although with her attacks it was difficult to trap FC and keep him trapped)
Cloud of Darkness (who despite that her available attacks were the basic ones, managed to damage FC quite a bit, particularly with Anti-Air Beams)
Terra Branford (who finished him off and won the battle)

I reiterate:

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You are a 73% FFIX nerd!

Well aren't you the FFIX scholar? No doubt about it, you love this game enough to remember some of the finer details most players so easily miss. You've probably traveled through Gaia with Zidane and company quite a few times, digging for Chocographs, finding monsters for Quina to eat and delivering way too many Mognet letters! Good on you!

FFIX Trivia Quiz
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You are a 80% FFIX nerd!

Well aren't you the FFIX scholar? No doubt about it, you love this game enough to remember some of the finer details most players so easily miss. You've probably traveled through Gaia with Zidane and company quite a few times, digging for Chocographs, finding monsters for Quina to eat and delivering way too many Mognet letters! Good on you!

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I forget which floor I was in but I am now taking on the Edge of Discord Gateway. I'm down to three skills, two of which I refuse to use except for when most of my party is KO'd (The transactions plus buying extra summons, left me KP!broke). Since this is a GATEWAY THAT MATTERS situation, I will most likely be overlooking most of the treasure and/or mooks and mainly beating up the troublesome ones blocking my way.

WISH ME LUCK! *ventures into cave with a cloak flourish*

EDIT: Okay things did not work out as I hoped so I'm gonna implement some changes in my party first, ones to make them closer to gamebreaker nukes rather than the Squishy wizards they currently are.

For starters:
  • Party member switch (Prishe for Ultimecia)
  • Lore investment
  • Gear Investment
  • Summonstone Investment
...I'm gonna need a lot of gil and KP for this venture.
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Will be using my mom's pc until they find out exactly what's wrong with my router and if it will have to be repaired or not. Hopefully this resolves itself quickly ><

On a completely unrelated note....According to TV Tropes, Leon and Kain Highwind had a lovechild and he appears in FFXIII-2!

How, one may ask? Well, first off he's going to be voiced by Kain's VA from Duodecim. Second, one character designer said that his appearance had been inspired by Leon...Ergo, they had a lovechild! XD

Admittedly I blame the trailers for this but I already want to ship Caius and Lightning as a foe yay ship. That bad?
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I have yet to put up the vid for proof, but I have discovered that Asura,  with her red ANGRY FACE, can destroy any summonstone. Including ones of a rift-wandering dragon god. It happened twice in two (consecutive) retries against FC (one of which is recorded, but apparently once Shinryu/Shinryu Verus is destroyed, his meddling is eliminated for the rest of the fight and the ones to follow--a godsend, because let's face it: Feral Chaos doesn't need Shinryu's help to kill you.[Poll #1782712]
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The Tropes that can be found in an epic rp with my friend railenthe. There's quite a few so this will take a while:

Action Girl: Most, if not all the female characters in the rp with the exceptions of Cosmos and Odile. And even then who knows how long that will last

Battle Couple: At least two: Lightning and WoL, followed by Leon and Lenne whenever they find themselves fighting together.

The Hecate Sisters: Atargatis, Cosmos, Odile

The Three Faces of Adam: Kasdeja, Chaos, still-unnamed sage figure Savebe

Shipper on Deck: Lenne, Leon, and OK Luneth become this for PalaMecia

Baleful Polymorph: Odile and Atargatis.
  • Thanks to their new special armor, Lenne and Kain can be counted as this.
  • Also the Imp Moogle status spell
Deadpan Snarker: Quite a few.

Genius Loci: Shade Impulse!Pandemonium, possibly The world setting for Dissidia. The Labyrinth could also count as this.

She's got legs: Lenne, Lightning

Shout out: Lenne (Her namesake being a character from FFX-2), Odile (Swan Lake)

Running Gag: Lenne's Moogle-themed tent, THE SUCCESSION, semore s'mores, moogles
  • Now includes Cougarbait!Leon
  • Moogle!Warriors (Moogle of Light/Mogfried, Mobranth, Morion, etc)
Breaking the Fourth Wall: Quite a few times but certain characters have a tendency towards this.

Foe Yay: Cosmos and Chaos. Technically, Leon and Lenne
  • subverted (averted?) with Leon and Lenne because they were never real enemies to begin with and do not even view each other as thus, as opposed to the other Cosmos Warriors, who have reasons to hate and/or oppose their Chaos counterpart.
Kid Genius: OK

Cloud Cuckoolander: Laguna

What Could Have Been: Shepard from Mass Effect joining the Cosmos team
  • Curbstomped by the issue of who would be ME's representative for Chaos
Bow and Sword in Accord: Firion. Also Vaan

Dual Wielding: Lenne, Zidane

Multi Melee Master: Firion AND Lenne

Instant Awesome (Just Add Dragons): Dragoons

Multi Ranged Master: Laguna And Shepard

Names to Run Away From Really Fast: Atargatis, Odile and Kasdeja. ESPECIALLY THE LAST TWO IF THEY'RE TOGETHER

Walking Armory: Firion and Lenne

Animal Motifs: The Dragoons. Also Odile and Atargatis. Newest person to join this trope is the Hunter aspect of Chaos, Kasdeja.

Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Lightning becomes this for the Cosmos Team

One Hit Kill: Lightning, with Warrior of Light

Friends with Benefits: Lenne and Leon
  • Leon's aiming for a Relationship Upgrade, though.
  • Relationship Upgrade Achieved!
UST: WoL and Lightning
  • they also invoke Belligerent Sexual Tension
Fridge Brilliance: Inner workings of the Manikins and Cosmos Warrior-Therapist Vaan
  • WoL Siegfried. Or rather, naming him Siegfried. THESE RPERS HAD NO IDEA IT WOULD BE THIS EPIC 
Berserk Button: The Succession and his subordinates' idea of recreational pasttimes does this for Mateus.
  • Count Borghen. It'll start a 5-min+ rant.
Loyal Animal Companion: Griever for Ultimecia. Lenne also fit this Trope back in her dragoon days in Deist.

Mindscrew: A lot of it; Cosmos and Chaos are not what they appear to be, history between Lightning and WoL in the past cycles, the reason for the cycles and war existing to begin with, the list goes on. In a funny example, the fact idea that Mateus can show positive emotions like love, empathy and affection results into this for everyone from the FF2-verse.

  • Also Vaan wearing a shirt does this for this rper
Marionette Master: Odile, to an extent. Also, Kasdeja.

Mind Rape: Odile does this to WoL and Lightning...and that was just the start.
  • Recently it's Leon who ended up on the receiving end. It got worse for him considering that Odile poisoned him with an agent that tortures the victim with vivid hallucinations brought about by emotional burdens and does not kill.
Spiritual Descendant: Laguna and Squall are implied to be this to Leon.
  • Cecil actually becomes this in his game when he gets the Deathbringer, which was Leon's sword.
  • Actually he's more like a spiritual succesor.
Blade on a Stick: The Dragoons and Cecil

Kid Hero: OK,Vaan

Human Abomination: Odile probably counts as this. This roleplayer doesn't know for sure
  • Leon might count as this given the approach we're taking with his Dark Knight powers.
Man behind the Man: Cid the Lufenian

Everyone Can See it:  With Lenne and Leon. Possibly also the case with Lightshipping but everyone else is too intimidated by Siegfried or Lightning to comment on it.
  • subverted because Lenne and Leon can see it too; unfortunately Lenne has commitment issues and believes Leon could do better.

Ascended Extra: Leon. AND HOW.

It Got Worse: The Manikins. Not only do they stop making distinctions between sides, they also gain basic sentience and thanks to Kasdeja, they grow to resent their Originals.

Blood Knight: Atargatis, being a warlike aspect of Cosmos, takes this to an extreme. This trope also applies to Leon.

Fridge Horror: The Manikins gaining sentience and vices. Especially Vices.

Snake People: Kasdeja

Horny Devil: Mateus once he has enough chocolate in his system. Interesting things can happen when feeding chocolate to someone who's part Incubus.

Genre-savvy: Leon seems to be a recurring example of this.

  • "He's the tank to her DPS." <--For srsly XD
Extreme Omnivore: Though we have yet to show an example in the rp, Lenne and Kain, due to the aftereffects Berserk has on dragoons.
  • "Needs more diamond...I mean, salt."
  • "Not bad. Sapphires are better though."
  • My bad, there was a moment: when they were in Berserk!Dragon-form, they were eating the manikins.
Fate Worse than Death: In a humorous example, talking and/or associating with Count Borghen results in this for the FF2 people.

Even Evil Has Standards: "An evil bastard is one thing. An untrustworthy bastard is another story altogether." -Railenthe

Magnificent Bastard: TOO MANY

Selective Amnesia: Most of the Cosmos Warriors have forgotten Siegfried's name.

Big Bad: Shinryu.

Flat What: Leon and Mateus' reaction to Ultimecia comparing their relationship to a Father-son one.

Heads I win Tails you lose: Played straight in the flashback sequence where Leon joins the Palamecian Empire and agrees to train as a Dark Knight.

Dark is not Evil: Leon and Cecil. Admittedly, Leon did do several villanous deeds in his game which is why he's on the Chaos side. It should be noted he was ordered to commit these acts.

Evil is Sexy: Most of the Chaos side.

Bizarrechitecture: The tents
  • Actually Squall's tent is the most normal one seen thus far.

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(subtitle: The demand for scarletite has been decreased from 28 to 5)

I have decided to form an all-girl team for 000 and therefore, their gear takes priority above everyone else's. So far, three spots have been confirmed:

1. Terra
2. Yuna
3. Lightning

Who will get the last two spots is unknown. WE SHALL SEE >8D

Oh yeah, and have Seph and Yuna fighting to the tune of Swan Lake

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This one is from my original playthrough. Enjoy
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AND NOW THAT I'VE BEATEN IT IT'S TIME TO WORK ON PREPARING EVERYBODY FOR 000. Currently I have a party right now, all maxed out characters (Sephiroth, Ultimecia, Terra, Squall, Firion to be exact) but they're not the official designated party, just the exploratory treasure hunting one.


Anyone know where I can get 27 Scarletites?

What for?

Well, I need them for the second most powerful weapons...I already have ONE scarletite...I need twenty seven more! 8D

...This is going to be fun >>;
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....My brain insists on making a crossover of DDFF and Interstella 5555.

One half insists it would be epic and GLORIOUS

The other wonders "How does that even work?"

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Granted, the timing is an important factor but in terms of reliability, my favorite assists would have to be....*pulls out envelope*


Exdeath, Laguna, and Gabranth!

Reason: their attacks always catch the opponent one way or another, particularly Enuo Exdeath's aerial BRV attack and Gabranth's Aero *watches CPU bounce on Exdeath's tornado attack*

Short meme entry is short, but that's really all there is to it right now. On a meme-related note, currently avoiding certain plot-related questions because I just wanna beat 013 as fast as I can.
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*pokes title* Sure you wanna ask me that? It won't be pretty...You still wanna know? Well, were warned!

Cycle 14 (as envisioned by alkonost_storm):

To sum it all up in one sentence: EVERYTHING GOES TO HELL.

How, you may ask? Well, let me count the ways...

Sadly Mythtaken: Unbeknowst to mostly everyone involved in this mess, Cosmos and Chaos are actually triple-aspect deities. Certain parties decided they did not want four extra divine aspects involved in the Cycles so they were sealed away. In Cycle 014, it's not enough that the seals expire; to being separated from the Gods, these aspects acquire their own bodies and move on to meddle with the Cycles, and those involved with the Cycles.

Manikin Evolution: Some of the aspects decide to change the rules a little by altering the original mindless cannon fodder nature of the manikins. First step: basic sentience, along with the capacity to learn and adapt. Second step: Let's add all the worst traits of every fighter in this conflict and see what happens! >8D

Bait and Switch Boss: Chaos and Cosmos (or their aspects) won't be the final enemies in this adventure....*shifty look*
Gotterdamerung: Well...that's what will happen if certain parties get their way....

MINDSCREW, MINDRAPE, MINDFUCK: Expect this from the Chaotic personas of Cosmos and Chaos. Their ideal targets of course, will be the Cosmos Crew and any well-intentioned person on Team Chaos but overall, they're not picky about who they screw over. Please keep in mind that these two are not the actual villains.

Okay that's all I can think up plotwise...ON TO GAMEPLAY!

New Player Characters:

-Leon (FF2)
-Genesis, Zack (FF7: Crisis Core)
-Rinoa (FF8)
-Ashe, Vayne (FF12)
-Fang, Barthandelus (FF13)

World Map:

*pushes in all landmasses from the other FFs into the Dissidia!Map*

Final Dungeon: (it will kinda sorta be like a platformer game!)
Setting: The Labyrinth
Additions: Trap corridors (like in Prince of Persia), puzzle rooms, significant character development rooms, NON-MANIKIN BOSSFIGHTS (WITH REAL MONSTERS)

Story Modes:
-Cosmos-side story mode
-Chaos-side story mode
-000-esque/final dungeon story mode: this feature will have the gameplay style of games like Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia and the Infamous series; characters will have to climb up various structures, try and get past traps (in the style of PoP, that sort of thing.

Extra Features
-Better Quest system (with official quests)
-Data import (this time it imports your entire inventory regarding equipment and the PP catalog)

*looks at entry* Yeah I've overthought this I know XD
Comments are loved!

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"It needs to be done. That bastard has screwed me over too many times. He needs to realize that humans are more than just tools to be used and cast aside."

Expecting the conversation to be over and done, the young woman turned around and began to walk away from the throne. The armored knight standing beside it could only watch, somehow managing to contain the conflicting emotions he was feeling at that moment. With a deep breath, he tries one more time to stop her from leaving.

"You'll be playing right into his hands, Lightning."

That made her stop, though she did not turn around to face him. "I know. I know that better than anyone else on our side." As she speaks, her hand moves to her chest. The pulse is very faint, but she can still feel it; a subtle reminder that she must answer the call, because that is the way things must be.

The Warrior of Light coming up behind her has a different opinion.

"So you've just given up, then? You're stronger than this! Fight it with all you have, Lightning." Usually, emotional interactions are a private matter, even from the Goddess they fight for; Siegfried breaks that unwritten rule the moment his arms wrap around Lightning's waist. He does not want to lose her to the Fal'Cie, even though he realizes that outcome is inevitable. After a few minutes, the pinkette slowly pries herself free from his grip and finally turns around to face him.

"My defiance won't change anything, Siegfried; he'll just do a roundabout plan to set me right back on the course he wants." Her no-nonsense, defeatist tone is so unlike her, the man can't help wondering if this is the woman he knows and loves. A part of him wishes to pretend it's a deception orchestrated by the enemy but he knows better than to indulge in such flights of fancy. His thoughts are interrupted by Lightning's hand as it settles on his cheek.

"It's better to give him what he wants and avoid all the bullshitting he'd throw my way if I did otherwise. I wish I could stand against him and defy him openly, even more than you realize. As things stand, my options are limited."

"Claire..." Not for the first time since she told him her intentions last night, he wishes he could follow and fight beside her. The disciplined warrior in him knows better than to take this course of action; Siegfried will not let his desires get in the way of protecting Cosmos.

"Be careful out there." Somehow he manages not to make it sound like a desperate plea as he watches her pull away and resume walking towards the gateway that provided the entrance to Sanctuary. The only indication that she heard him at all is a parting wave.

Assuming his original position near Cosmos' throne, Siegfried can do little else except watch her leave.
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For starters, Vaan and Gabranth. Interaction between them is all but impossible due to the timegap between their time serving in the war. I would have also loved to see more interaction between WoL and Lightning since I didn't get Prologus when it came out. In fact any interaction between Team Cannon Fodder and the rest of Team Cosmos would have been great. Of course we have Kain to thank for the lack of the above....*glares at Kain*

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Most people did not know about it's existence. The few who did called it "Labyrinth of the Lost"; anything that was lost could be recovered in this place, from forgotten wonders like the Great Library of Mysidia to more abstract things, such as emotions or memories.

Ultimately, they would end up in the Labyrinth of the Lost.

Unlike most labyrinths, this one was no stationary structure of stone or hedges; no, this labyrinth grew, new cloisters and passageways being added on with the passing of time. Not even those with vast experience could say how far its passages went and any who dared to map the Labyrinth treated their maps with extreme care, as though they were more valuable than Gold Angels.

Like most living dungeons, the labyrinth would test the adventurers wandering its halls and cloisters. Sure, one could venture in to recover what they had lost, but it was not a simple matter. No, they had to be tested first, and prove they were worthy of recovering their lost item. In addition, only certain cloisters would contain items such as memories or one's original self, and these cloisters were not easy to find. Another rumor said that they could only be accessed by certain people, but no one could say for certain for they had not located them yet:

The Cloister of Falsehoods
The Cloister of Imitation
The Counterfeit Cloister
The Delusory Cloister
 The Cloister of Fallacies
The Cloister of Phantoms
The Cloister of Imagination
The Cloister of Transcience
The Cloister of Capriciousness
The Ephemeral Cloister
The Cloister of Antiquity
The Cloister of Idleness
The Fleeting Cloister

There was of course, one more, and it was the oldest cloister of all.

The Cthonic Cloister.

It was said that it was here where Shinryu slumbered and dreamed. Some say he made this Cloister his home, others called it his prison. Whatever the case, this was the Dragon's den, which he could not leave, not without fulfilling certain conditions.

There would be many a prayer asking that these conditions never come to pass, lest it result in the twilight of the world.
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There's going to be quite a few ships here, some of which may or may not make any sense. *pulls out several champagne bottles* TIME TO LAUNCH ZE SHIPS! >8D

Lightshipping: Admittedly, I didn't care too much about WoL as a character before this rolled around. Then Lightshipping and 012 happened giving me the "HEY THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD BE ON TEAM WOL" visual promo. Then, there was Lightning being added on to the Cosmos roster. Having played (and beaten) XIII, I was already a huge Lightning fan and knowing her personality, was fully aware that some sparks would fly. In my RP with Railenthe, I usually play Lightning and have a blast doing so. Admittedly, this rp has her showing some of her vulnerable side but she's still dealing snark and bitchyness in equal measure. On a downer note, Lightshipping seems to be perfect Angst Bait. Me and Rai just. Can't. Stop. Brainstorming. Ways. To. Make. It. Worse.

Summoner's Knight: Admittedly this one came about rather suddenly and unexpectedly. The inspiration? A Laguna/Yuna prompt I put up myself. While I do like the canonship of Tidus and Yuna, the fangirl part of my brain decided that in Dissidia, Yuna needs to be with an older man! Obviously not Jecht, since he's more like a father/uncle figure to her, which leaves Laguna as the only other (and not entirely undesirable) option. Yuna's main class in X-2 pushed this line of thinking even further. It also helps that they work well as a team (I tend to pair my ships together when it comes to the assist system) in battle. And now as I write this I realize that some of Yuna's HP attacks share one similarity with Laguna's: two have beam/laser type attacks and a third causes a huge lightning explosion. That's right, these two like to blow stuff up! Also, the interaction with these two would likely have been adorable if not for SE leaving it at the Ship Tease stage.

PalaMecia: The oldest ship here, since it's been around since the first game. As Railenthe pointed out in her own entry, there's never any cutscene where the Emperor disrespects or is snarky towards Ultimecia, and for most of the plot, they're usually seen together. On a note of Fridge Brilliance, their alliance works out quite well: Mateus would control every aspect of existence, including time with Ultimecia at his side. Sure there's that not-so-little part with Time Compression but it's beside the point. Together, these two make for quite a glamorous and evil pair. Crowning proof that Evil is Sexy, everyone! 8D

Balanceshipping: Divine Foe Yay, anyone? The whole of Shade Impulse goes a long way to proving these two are a canon ship. Harmony and Discord are two sides of the same coin, same with Order and Chaos or Light and Darkness. Perhaps I was the only one with this impression at the conclusion of Destiny Odyssey but it seemed to me like Chaos did not hate Cosmos there. If he had, I doubt he would have obliged her wish and incinerated her so that her chosen could survive. Of course, we also have the plot to thank for the perpetual downer note that's attached to this ship no thanks to certain entities. Here's hoping that in the next installment these two get a happy ending. Maybe I'm the only one with this impression, but it seems to me both are tired of fighting each other, even if they don't let it on much. The mental image of Chaos hugging Cosmos with all four arms is ADORABLE IMHO

LockWind: Chapter 8 of 012. Halfway through Kain joins as Tifa's assist, this happening not long after Tifa dukes it out with Ultimecia who gives voice to Kain's shenanigans in the twelfth cycle. Despite all claims and evidence pointing to the truth, Tifa still chooses to believe in him and give him the benefit of the doubt though even then Kain doesn't get off scott-free; subtle guilttripping ensues! Admittedly I forgot exactly how Chapter 8 ended but Kain and Tifa's interactions throughout pretty much curbstomped the idea of any CloTi shipping in this game. It was also very refreshing to have her try her pep talk skills on someone who's NOT Cloud, IMO.

And that's my quota for now. Tbh I have no real problems with slash but I haven't found a pairing in Dissidia yet that would make me go "MOAR OF THAT PLZ", plus I keep running into yaoi everywhere Anyway, these are my ships and why I'm into them. Commentary is appreciated as always! 8D


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