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Team Dragoon

Prompts used: 1, 2, 5, 6, 10-12, 15, 17, 19

Dear Warrior of Light Siegfried:

You will not win. I will make sure of that. Even in this prison, with what powers that are available to me, I will not stop until I have taken all you hold dear and broken you utterly.

Dear Shantotto:

Well played. However, some would call your stratagem 'running away.'

Dear Bahamut:

Your caves are most spacious and vast. Your hoard is mine now, by the way.

Dear Cid Lufaine:

Enjoy your new corporeal form.

Dear (Past) Me:

Sealing up those aspects was probably the best plan regarding Cosmos and Chaos.

Dear (Future) Me:

Be wary of the gods you made. Even tools can turn on their wielder.

Dear Bartandelus:

Your L'cie remembers his name. If you know what's good for you you'll fix that.

Dear Marilith:

Your scales are so lustruous and are most becoming on you. Your skin contrasts with your hair in a way that is most attractive. If you ever tire of the company of your cohorts, I would have no objections in showing you the size of my...hoard.

Dear Kraken:

I'm collecting on that favor you owe me. That L'cie toy of Bartandelus is a formidable opponent and a font of courage for the Warrior of Light. Break her...however you see fit.

Dear Claire:

To defy your master is to defy me. Holding such sway over him...You will regret this.

[Notes: A lot of this is based off of a DDFF rp me and Railenthe are doing while other parts are lifted from the game. While the bit with Marilith does have some basis in the rp as well, the idea of Shinryu/Marilith is very much crack. The mention of Shantotto is a reference to her DLC in the Japanese version, where she pretty much finds a way to escape the cycles. Also, the prompts aren't in order, and there's obvious mentions of WoL/Lightning.]
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Will be using my mom's pc until they find out exactly what's wrong with my router and if it will have to be repaired or not. Hopefully this resolves itself quickly ><

On a completely unrelated note....According to TV Tropes, Leon and Kain Highwind had a lovechild and he appears in FFXIII-2!

How, one may ask? Well, first off he's going to be voiced by Kain's VA from Duodecim. Second, one character designer said that his appearance had been inspired by Leon...Ergo, they had a lovechild! XD

Admittedly I blame the trailers for this but I already want to ship Caius and Lightning as a foe yay ship. That bad?
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This one is from my original playthrough. Enjoy
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"It needs to be done. That bastard has screwed me over too many times. He needs to realize that humans are more than just tools to be used and cast aside."

Expecting the conversation to be over and done, the young woman turned around and began to walk away from the throne. The armored knight standing beside it could only watch, somehow managing to contain the conflicting emotions he was feeling at that moment. With a deep breath, he tries one more time to stop her from leaving.

"You'll be playing right into his hands, Lightning."

That made her stop, though she did not turn around to face him. "I know. I know that better than anyone else on our side." As she speaks, her hand moves to her chest. The pulse is very faint, but she can still feel it; a subtle reminder that she must answer the call, because that is the way things must be.

The Warrior of Light coming up behind her has a different opinion.

"So you've just given up, then? You're stronger than this! Fight it with all you have, Lightning." Usually, emotional interactions are a private matter, even from the Goddess they fight for; Siegfried breaks that unwritten rule the moment his arms wrap around Lightning's waist. He does not want to lose her to the Fal'Cie, even though he realizes that outcome is inevitable. After a few minutes, the pinkette slowly pries herself free from his grip and finally turns around to face him.

"My defiance won't change anything, Siegfried; he'll just do a roundabout plan to set me right back on the course he wants." Her no-nonsense, defeatist tone is so unlike her, the man can't help wondering if this is the woman he knows and loves. A part of him wishes to pretend it's a deception orchestrated by the enemy but he knows better than to indulge in such flights of fancy. His thoughts are interrupted by Lightning's hand as it settles on his cheek.

"It's better to give him what he wants and avoid all the bullshitting he'd throw my way if I did otherwise. I wish I could stand against him and defy him openly, even more than you realize. As things stand, my options are limited."

"Claire..." Not for the first time since she told him her intentions last night, he wishes he could follow and fight beside her. The disciplined warrior in him knows better than to take this course of action; Siegfried will not let his desires get in the way of protecting Cosmos.

"Be careful out there." Somehow he manages not to make it sound like a desperate plea as he watches her pull away and resume walking towards the gateway that provided the entrance to Sanctuary. The only indication that she heard him at all is a parting wave.

Assuming his original position near Cosmos' throne, Siegfried can do little else except watch her leave.


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