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RP: Wartime Days
Fandom: Yugioh
Characters: Demian Kaiser, Nadya Djuric (WWII incarnations of Seto Kaiba and Theoris Takeda)
Roleplayers: AlkonostStorm, JW%


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Is it just me or does that sound like the title to one of those smut novels?/shot


So last night during a particularly steamy scene, PercentiledOne posted this gem:

Where's the quote feature LJ!? )

Cannot unsee Older!Kaiba having an awkward conversation about reach and flexibility with his child now. Head!canon insists it would be the second child with Theoris, if they have another (besides Hanae K. Kaiba anyway), and it'd be a boy. :=D:

Yes I'm aware they're not even at the point where they'd look into having a family, if they ever do that. Headcanon likes to overplan
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Wild Tiger tends towards cheating.

Song is called 3 Years of Infidelity. I think.
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  • Seto was still bored, looking at everything with disinterest. After all, the baby kicking had gotten from amazing to novel to boring to annoying already.

  • Noting his disinterest, Theoris reached over and nudged him, harder than she should have--on the side. For crying out loud, it was their child! She would have said something, except at that moment the doctor cut her off. "The child is female."

  • Seto's eyes went wide as he addressed the doctor, and Theoris could almost see the camera zooming out and leaving him standing alone in empty void. "What's this? A female? You mean I have... a daughter?!"

  • "That's right, Mr. Kaiba. You're going to be the father to a little girl." Theoris bit her lip, resisting the urge to declare "Called it."

  • Seto was in a widened stance, eyes wide, and yes, a dramatic wind had come up as he made a slow descent to his knees. "Not a son?"

  • "A Daugh--"

  • "Are you done being a drama queen yet?"

  • "I can't have a few more minutes of it?" Seto asked, moving to where he held his head in his hands but not quite making that pose yet.

  • Theoris simply waved at him in resignation, as if to say she was done with that; it might as well been granting him permission to continue.

  • The doctor had to put up with the occasional "How... how can it be?!" and "It's not possible!" through the rest of the visit.

  • Theoris heaved a sigh and made an appointment for two months later before leading Seto out of the clinic and into the limousine. "You can cut it out now."

  • "Don't make light of this." Seto told her.

  • "I'm not making light of it." He was starting to get on her nerves...

  • "You know what this means don't you?" Seto said, still in his melodramatic tone.

  • "What does it mean, Seto Kaiba?" Theoris asked, still in her tired-of-his-melodrama-yet-resigned-to-it tone.

  • "I'm going to have to paint the nursery pink!"

^Priorities! XD
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Warning: Slight mentions of food porn

AlkonostStorm: Throughout the weekend the cocktail of good things vs bad things would be a heady mixture. On the one hand, the doubled funds from MacDowan corp. prompted others to do the same, so in that sense things were going incredibly well. On the other, Seto and Theoris were awkward around each other for most of the week.

JW%: For Seto, 'awkward' seemed to be normal enough. Which wasn't necessarily a good thing, but it didn't do cause any harm to his productivity at least. Mokuba on the other hand was growing worried. That weekend he voiced a concern that the two of them were fighting.

AlkonostStorm: "F-fighting? Last I checked we weren't. Fighting that is." Did avoiding each other count as fighting? She wasn't sure...

JW%: The boy frowned. "Why did you answer like that." He broke into a triumphant grin. "Because you're feeling guilty! You are fighting with Big Brother!"

AlkonostStorm: "I am not fighting with Seto. I was just...just dealing with womanly issues I can't avoid even if I tried."

JW%: "Riiiight. You're fighting. And my big brother is going to win!"

"Shut up Mokuba." Seto said coming down the hallway to shoo the boy away.

AlkonostStorm: She watched as he shooed the boy away, relieved she wouldn't have had to explain herself further. Granted, Mokuba probably had SOME knowledge about menstruation by this point thanks to school but still, it was awkward having to explain that.

JW%: Seto did order Theoris flowers and chocolates that evening, but did not visit her, and without plans, he mostly continued with work and kept an eye on Mokuba's antics.

AlkonostStorm: Theoris did store away the chocolates but she didn't do anything with the flowers, leaving them be. Personally, she was more than a little irked by the gifts: if they were meant to replace his presence, they failed utterly at that. After a few seconds, she grabbed the box of chocolates and headed over to his room, knocking on the door.

JW%: "Yes?" Seto answered.

AlkonostStorm: "I..." There was a pause as she showed him the box of chocolates. "Want some? I could never eat this all by myself." Pause. "And I...I missed you."

JW%: He opened the door and let her in, gesturing for her to head to the bed.

AlkonostStorm: She walked into the room, moving to sit on the bed and placing the box beside her as she removed her slippers and pulled her legs up before crossing them.

JW%: He took a moment to consider her, gazing along her legs as she crossed them before her. "Lean back." He told her, taking a chocolate from the box.

AlkonostStorm: Dark chocolate shell with mint filling... She remembered as she leaned back for him, using the headboard as support.

JW%: "This is probably going to sound rather strange." Seto told her, feeding her the chocolate. "But I've been wanting to do this for about a week now."

AlkonostStorm: She took a moment to savor the treat, appreciating the combination of dark chocolate mixing with the minty filling to combine something new. "What? Feed me chocolate?" Theoris straightened and reached for the box, picking out a white chocolate lump lightly dusted with cinnamon and containing a coffee filling. "Now you lean back."

JW%: "Feed you chocolate... rub your feet... pamper and worship you... something along those lines." He said, leaning back against some pillows.

AlkonostStorm: She smiled slightly, placing the chocolate in his mouth before moving to lie down on her side, facing him. "That's very sweet of you."

JW%: He seemed more inclined to suck her finger than the chocolate, though he closed his eyes in enjoyment of it. He liked the coffee flavor filling. He took a moment just to lay there eyes closed on the bed with her.

AlkonostStorm: She moved a bit closer to him, her forehead lightly pressed against his own as they relaxed, enjoying each other's presence in comfortable silence.

JW%: "I suppose I should get started, shouldn't I?" He finally sighed.

AlkonostStorm: "We could just keep on with what we started." She told him as she leaned away to reach for the box again.

JW%: "If that's what you'd like." He smiled, and caught her fingertips, lifting the bit of chocolate to his own lips.

AlkonostStorm: This time, it was a dark chocolate with mango filling. Theoris did not immediately pull her fingers away, watching as his lips brushed past them. After a second, she withdrew her hand, gazing into his eyes.

JW%: He took a bite of the chocolate, and then held the other half for her to taste, closing his eyes and leaning against her again.

AlkonostStorm: She leaned in, taking the other half from his fingers with her mouth, blinking once when it dawned on her they had just shared an indirect kiss. Of course, it was entirely possible he had planned that...

JW%: He had, though the fact that he followed it up with an actual kiss didn't hurt matters either.

AlkonostStorm: She returned the kiss, one hand going up to caress his cheek. Theoris couldn't recall a time they had slowed down like this but she wasn't complaining either. It was...nice. Warm. Intimate.

JW%: He stroked her shoulder and reached for another chocolate, but let his hand rest near the box as he simply gazed into her eyes and waited.

AlkonostStorm: She pulled back, giving a slight nod so that he could go ahead and pick.

JW%: He picked another one with a kind of cream filling and offered it to her first this time, moving to kiss her almost immediately to get the flavor from her lips and tongue.

AlkonostStorm: Milk chocolate with a cream almond filling. Theoris barely had time to chew and swallow, never mind savor, before he moved in for the kiss. This time it lasted a bit longer than the first but was still slow and gentle.

JW%: "You're still not... in the mood for something more physical, are you?" He asked touching her cheek with his knuckles, to avoid his sticky fingers touching her face.

AlkonostStorm: "Not yet. Soon, perhaps but...right now I just want your company, Seto." She said, wrapping her arms around him in a hug.

JW%: "I'm fine with that." He said, putting his arm around her, but not squeezing, just holding her gently. "So I don't have to rub your feet?"

AlkonostStorm: "I'll take a rain check on that one." She told him, a teasing note in her voice as she spoke.

JW%: "I suppose I'll have to owe you." He said, teasing her as well, and leaning in to touch their noses together for a moment while he gazed into her eyes.

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Pages: 339
Words: 203,831
Characters (no spaces): 934,085
Characters (with spaces): 1,132,176
Paragraphs: 5,832
Lines: 19,495

Of course if I ever adapt this rp into fanfic form that's gonna lead to A LOT of editing...*groan*

Here's some Trustshipping and Azureshipping. Just because. ^^


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It would be with Ishizu and Yami.

I'm not big on pairing Yami and Kaiba but I do like Trustshipping (Seto/Ishizu). And now I seriously want to play around with this OT3 and make it work.

Problem is, I need prompts. It would be ideal to get a prompt from LK himself but considering he didn't seem to know what I meant by prompt when I asked...XD

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Aka the shipping label I've given to the Seto Kaiba/OC pairing in the rp I'm doing with my friend PercentiledOne (JW%). Participants: Seto Kaiba and my OC, Theoris Takeda.

Now, I'll start off by saying that Theoris turned out very different from her predecessors (OCs who were meant to be paired up with Kaiba but got remade again and again until scrapped altogether and Theoris was born), not just in looks but also in personality: the OCs that came before had incredibly powerful senses when it came to supernatural things and were strong believers of it, as well as being fairly competent in their use of InsertMillenniumItem here. They embraced their destiny.

Theoris on the other hand, is cut from a different cloth than these. Where the former embraced the destiny they were given, Theoris is actively fleeing hers and while bearing the Macguffin Item known as the Sacred Menat, she refuses to learn how to wield it simply because it's tied to Destiny. It's not until post-Battle City that she's finally motivated to start taking steps to mastering the use of the Menat. The reason: protecting Seto. If watching his back includes keeping an eye out for supernatural threats, so be it.

On to the ship itself.

From Seto's end of the pairing, his attraction stems from when he interviews Theoris for a job at Kaiba Corp (she's applying for a secretary position). She's given five minutes to prove why she should be hired and during those five minutes, he presents her with a chess puzzle where White is under threat of being checkmated. Of course, the way the puzzle is set up, there is no outcome where White comes out the victor: it is unwinnable.

It doesn't stop Theoris from trying to solve it all the same. Her first move is to move a knight to a position where it can intercept any of the pieces coming for the White King. This results in her getting six more turns to delay White's defeat. In her second and last move, she decides to be bold and aggressive by moving in a bishop to capture the Black King, as the path is clear. Of course, due to the puzzle being unwinnable she still loses...but it is enough to attract a certain CEO's interest.

For Theoris, her attraction is initially admiration and respect for Seto Kaiba. While not aware of the whole story, the way he took charge of his own fate strikes a chord within her and gives her hope that, even entrenched as she is in the fate she's running from, she can do the same. There's also the fact that he happens to be her type: arrogant, and capable of proving to the world why he's within his rights to be so while the Gods look away.

Now, both sides of the ship have a mutual attraction for one another...The frustrating part is that neither is the best at opening up about their feelings (though Theoris has an advantage over Seto due to having been in a relationship before) and both believe it's just a pipe dream. It takes a trip back in time to 1486 Germany (where they meet their DotR incarnations)--which Seto treats as a coma-induced dream throughout most of their stay--for the two to come clean about their feelings. Seto's treatment of the experience, in fact, is the source of origin for their shipping label: Dreamshipping.

As for why I'm writing about these two? Well, turns out rping their dynamic is a lot of fun, if at times frustrating (in part because PercentiledOne nails his portrayal of Seto Kaiba right on the head and Seto Kaiba has a tendency towards frustrating people). The vibe they give off as a pairing (and this includes their DotR incarnations) is also interesting: you get a sense that these two can be rather selfish in their love for one another yet still be considerate and caring. It's also fun to wax hypotheticals about their reactions to certain situations.

In short, this is a very fun pairing and I look forward to exploring them further. =)
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Title: Letters
Fandom: Yugioh!
Characters/Pairings: Seto Kaiba, Critias, Set, Christian Rosenkreutz, OCs, Dreamshipping, Debateshipping, Dragonshipping, Royalshipping

In some way or another, they had exchanged letters throughout all their lifetimes.

For Critias and Arsinoe, the letters had been long, eloquent treatises on their respective arguments, waxing poetic about why their ideas were flawed and in what way.

For Set and Henutawwy, it had started out as a simple game designed to challenge each other's minds: on papyrus or wax tablets, a message would be sent, along with a cypher to help as a guide to figuring out the code. The cypher would be different each time, to keep their minds sharp.

For Alaine and Christian, they had primarily been letters of courtship, with the occasional mention of Alaine's progress in trying to capture the Red Rose Cards. Even if one took out the more graphic sections, the emotion in those letters is genuine and it isn't hard to see that both are looking forward to the idea of marriage.

For Seto and Theoris, letters are a way of writing down what they feel when they want to avoid a confrontation that could lead to arguments--a pretty damn likely outcome given their personalities. It also takes more courage than either feels to send those letters. The first letter she sends (titled "Prometheus"), Theoris is more afraid than she's ever felt in her life, as she's not certain how the boy she has grown to care for as more than her employer would react.

And yet she leaves it with the rest of the correspondence in his desk all the same, her query both simple and complicated at the same time:

She wants to be convinced that the Pact of Glory is the right path. The why of a boy who has gotten so far in life by his own strengths suddenly decides he needs the help of gods to overthrow a king.

"I respect you so much because you carved out your own destiny, Seto Kaiba. You tossed the hand you were dealt back at the dealer and dealt your own. For someone who has been told from childhood that any path she tries to decide for herself is ultimately a waste of time and that she should dedicate herself to embrace the destiny she's been given, that means something. It means that I could do the same, even in my circumstances.

Yet now...I can't help wonder if you've lost sight of that, which is why I ask that you help me to understand. -Theoris Takeda"
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Fandom: YuGiOh (specifically Duelists of the Roses)
Characters: "Seto" Christian Rosenkreutz/Rose Duelist PC (represented by my YGO OC's incarnation for this time period, Alaine de France)
Prompt: Hunter and Prey. "I just brought down a Red Eyes Meteor Dragon and ate its heart for landing the killing blow. I've more than earned the privilege to dominate you again."


*adds prompt to pot and lets it simmer*
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Author: [ profile] alkonost_storm
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh (Duelists of the Roses)
Characters/Pairings: "Seto" Christian Rosenkreutz/Rose Duelist (PC)


This lifetime had been meant for her to pay for past transgressions in full. A clean slate for the next life, if only she would don the red rose.

It says much of her person that she chose to dig herself in deeper instead.


Even though it was only their first meeting, Christian could not claim the Rose Duelist was a complete stranger. Rather, the meeting had the air of old friends crossing paths after long years apart.


She could try to justify her actions to them, try to make them understand why she did not come running as they desired, a puppy eager to please her masters.

Instead, Alaine offers nothing, even when some find it in themselves to ask.


His plans proceed smoothly, even with that one bump on the road in the form of Gwyn abducting the Rose Duelist to acquire some of her blood. They are slowly losing their hold in England but she is out there, winning the battles that matter.

If his plans are coming to fruition, why does he find it so hard to look her in the eye?


Even without the armor, he reminds her of that mythical beast, his gaze promising many things, power, knowledge, his love and danger, should she disturb the beast slumbering within.

But then, that is always a risk when dealing with dragons.


He always considered himself a person that could not be easily read, a book with difficult cyphers even after the lock keeping it closed had been broken.

So why was it that she could read him so easily?


The geis compels her to feel knives where she should be feeling tiles or grass. It's even specific enough to have Alaine hear the slicing of the blades when she steps on them. It's becoming harder to evade his questions regarding the bloody bandages around her feet.

In the end, what they have is worth this pain.


It seemed to him that she fussed over his bruise more than was necessary. Yes, he had gotten blindsided and it resulted in a neatly melted hole in his armor but he was perfectly fine!

Yet for all of that, he secretly liked the attention.


He had not known what he'd wrought, bringing Arawn into their world but rather than calling him out, Alaine simply steps forward and places her hand on his own gauntleted one.

King of the Underworld or not, they would duel him and win.
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Allow me to present one of my favorite DDFF ships, Tudor Style. Presenting their Glorious and Powerful Imperial Majesties....

Comments are welcomed!
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"It needs to be done. That bastard has screwed me over too many times. He needs to realize that humans are more than just tools to be used and cast aside."

Expecting the conversation to be over and done, the young woman turned around and began to walk away from the throne. The armored knight standing beside it could only watch, somehow managing to contain the conflicting emotions he was feeling at that moment. With a deep breath, he tries one more time to stop her from leaving.

"You'll be playing right into his hands, Lightning."

That made her stop, though she did not turn around to face him. "I know. I know that better than anyone else on our side." As she speaks, her hand moves to her chest. The pulse is very faint, but she can still feel it; a subtle reminder that she must answer the call, because that is the way things must be.

The Warrior of Light coming up behind her has a different opinion.

"So you've just given up, then? You're stronger than this! Fight it with all you have, Lightning." Usually, emotional interactions are a private matter, even from the Goddess they fight for; Siegfried breaks that unwritten rule the moment his arms wrap around Lightning's waist. He does not want to lose her to the Fal'Cie, even though he realizes that outcome is inevitable. After a few minutes, the pinkette slowly pries herself free from his grip and finally turns around to face him.

"My defiance won't change anything, Siegfried; he'll just do a roundabout plan to set me right back on the course he wants." Her no-nonsense, defeatist tone is so unlike her, the man can't help wondering if this is the woman he knows and loves. A part of him wishes to pretend it's a deception orchestrated by the enemy but he knows better than to indulge in such flights of fancy. His thoughts are interrupted by Lightning's hand as it settles on his cheek.

"It's better to give him what he wants and avoid all the bullshitting he'd throw my way if I did otherwise. I wish I could stand against him and defy him openly, even more than you realize. As things stand, my options are limited."

"Claire..." Not for the first time since she told him her intentions last night, he wishes he could follow and fight beside her. The disciplined warrior in him knows better than to take this course of action; Siegfried will not let his desires get in the way of protecting Cosmos.

"Be careful out there." Somehow he manages not to make it sound like a desperate plea as he watches her pull away and resume walking towards the gateway that provided the entrance to Sanctuary. The only indication that she heard him at all is a parting wave.

Assuming his original position near Cosmos' throne, Siegfried can do little else except watch her leave.
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There's going to be quite a few ships here, some of which may or may not make any sense. *pulls out several champagne bottles* TIME TO LAUNCH ZE SHIPS! >8D

Lightshipping: Admittedly, I didn't care too much about WoL as a character before this rolled around. Then Lightshipping and 012 happened giving me the "HEY THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD BE ON TEAM WOL" visual promo. Then, there was Lightning being added on to the Cosmos roster. Having played (and beaten) XIII, I was already a huge Lightning fan and knowing her personality, was fully aware that some sparks would fly. In my RP with Railenthe, I usually play Lightning and have a blast doing so. Admittedly, this rp has her showing some of her vulnerable side but she's still dealing snark and bitchyness in equal measure. On a downer note, Lightshipping seems to be perfect Angst Bait. Me and Rai just. Can't. Stop. Brainstorming. Ways. To. Make. It. Worse.

Summoner's Knight: Admittedly this one came about rather suddenly and unexpectedly. The inspiration? A Laguna/Yuna prompt I put up myself. While I do like the canonship of Tidus and Yuna, the fangirl part of my brain decided that in Dissidia, Yuna needs to be with an older man! Obviously not Jecht, since he's more like a father/uncle figure to her, which leaves Laguna as the only other (and not entirely undesirable) option. Yuna's main class in X-2 pushed this line of thinking even further. It also helps that they work well as a team (I tend to pair my ships together when it comes to the assist system) in battle. And now as I write this I realize that some of Yuna's HP attacks share one similarity with Laguna's: two have beam/laser type attacks and a third causes a huge lightning explosion. That's right, these two like to blow stuff up! Also, the interaction with these two would likely have been adorable if not for SE leaving it at the Ship Tease stage.

PalaMecia: The oldest ship here, since it's been around since the first game. As Railenthe pointed out in her own entry, there's never any cutscene where the Emperor disrespects or is snarky towards Ultimecia, and for most of the plot, they're usually seen together. On a note of Fridge Brilliance, their alliance works out quite well: Mateus would control every aspect of existence, including time with Ultimecia at his side. Sure there's that not-so-little part with Time Compression but it's beside the point. Together, these two make for quite a glamorous and evil pair. Crowning proof that Evil is Sexy, everyone! 8D

Balanceshipping: Divine Foe Yay, anyone? The whole of Shade Impulse goes a long way to proving these two are a canon ship. Harmony and Discord are two sides of the same coin, same with Order and Chaos or Light and Darkness. Perhaps I was the only one with this impression at the conclusion of Destiny Odyssey but it seemed to me like Chaos did not hate Cosmos there. If he had, I doubt he would have obliged her wish and incinerated her so that her chosen could survive. Of course, we also have the plot to thank for the perpetual downer note that's attached to this ship no thanks to certain entities. Here's hoping that in the next installment these two get a happy ending. Maybe I'm the only one with this impression, but it seems to me both are tired of fighting each other, even if they don't let it on much. The mental image of Chaos hugging Cosmos with all four arms is ADORABLE IMHO

LockWind: Chapter 8 of 012. Halfway through Kain joins as Tifa's assist, this happening not long after Tifa dukes it out with Ultimecia who gives voice to Kain's shenanigans in the twelfth cycle. Despite all claims and evidence pointing to the truth, Tifa still chooses to believe in him and give him the benefit of the doubt though even then Kain doesn't get off scott-free; subtle guilttripping ensues! Admittedly I forgot exactly how Chapter 8 ended but Kain and Tifa's interactions throughout pretty much curbstomped the idea of any CloTi shipping in this game. It was also very refreshing to have her try her pep talk skills on someone who's NOT Cloud, IMO.

And that's my quota for now. Tbh I have no real problems with slash but I haven't found a pairing in Dissidia yet that would make me go "MOAR OF THAT PLZ", plus I keep running into yaoi everywhere Anyway, these are my ships and why I'm into them. Commentary is appreciated as always! 8D


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