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The Stormcrown of Snoozing Buffalax goes from Inoffensive Centrist Democracy to Fascist (Liberal) or Communist (Conservative)

...Is it bad I'm terribly amused by this? XD
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Aka the slutty adventuress who's trying to save the world while STILL trying to have fun on the side.

Meet Luonnetar! )

She is very partial to spider-morphs but occasionally seeks out the company of hellhounds and minotaurs.

Don't judge me!
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You start trying to cross it over with ANYTHING. I swear, I think there's a plotbunny infestation here!

Latest plotbunny?

YuGiOh: Duellistes du Vodoun

The premise: Yugioh in a possible alternate setting, with overtones of Vodoun. Several cult factions use vodoun magic against one another, their main objective being to bring their particular Loa into more prominence. The struggle between the Petro Iwa faction and the Ghede Iwa faction is particularly heated.

The inspiration: Dr. Facilier Baron Samedi!Kaiba. Want. Someone draw this please?

I actually am really tempted to explore this further by writing a fic but I'm already caught up with several projects (including that Persona/Borderlands 2 fic, which I need to get a move on). Also I'm worried that despite whatever research I do, I might offend someone if my attempts turn out too 'Hollywood Voodoo'.

Personal headcanon for this: Due to the mental image of Baron Samedi!Kaiba, I posit that he leads the cult faction worshipping the Ghede Iwa. Also, headcanon insists that he serves as the horse for Baron Samedi. Said headcanon also maintains that if ships here include Kaiba/OC, then Theoris serves as Maman Brigitte's horse./shotdeadtrampled

As for the leader of the Petro Iwa cult faction...Obviously it's Yugi, dur. Or maybe Joey. That seems closer if only because red and black are part of his color motif thanks to Red Eyes. Of course going by that logic, Yugi should be in charge of the Ghede Iwa cult faction because his color motifs are black and purple....SCREW THE MOTIFS WE HAVE BARON SAMEDI!KAIBA.

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Kaiba laugh

Am I the only one thinking Kaiba looks a bit derpy laughing like that?^

Seto in GX
Seto in GX 2
Seto in GX 3
Seto in GX 4

You can tell where most of my attention was focused on in this episode.

Where Avion wonders what the fuck he's been summoned into
What the flying fuck he was summoned into.

Where GX shows Cartoon Physics
By manipulating the splitscreen! Then again, he is half-dinosaur...(?)

Sweatdropping Sign
Jaden's sense of direction can apparently give Ryoga's a run for its money.

Dino eye
It's never a good thing when THAT shows itself...

Dinoberry and Cyrusbug
Dinoberry and Cyrusbug 2

Dinoberry and Cyrusbug 2013~! Also, Yugioh GX has embraced its predecessor's tradition of going down the Tron Route.

Avion sweatdrop
Of Avion's sweatdrop!

BL Alert
The moment I see this screencap? Slashed. FOREVER. ABYDOS/JUDAI IS CRACK OTP

Even Zane finds this silly
When even Zane is sweatdropping, you know things have gotten too silly.
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The Issue

A fire has recently ripped through Storm's End, destroying homes and businesses alike. Now the debate rages as to who should receive the bulk of the relief fund.
The Debate

  1. "The fire burned thousands of ordinary people out of house and home!" wails Roger Cruz, an affected resident, "If the government doesn't help the average Joe, then what good is it at all? We need that relief fund to repair the damages! I'm sure the fat cats in the commercial district will pitch a fit, but they're the only ones who could afford enough insurance coverage."

  2. "Oh, the wasted money!" moans Gertie James, owner of Basket-case for Baskets. "It was storefronts and restaurants that bore the brunt of the fire, and they're the ones that need help now! Do you have any idea how flammable baskets are? If we don't get the relief we're entitled to, the economy is going to sink. And then where will these citizens be? In a rebuilt house without a job, that's where!"

  3. Chris Hamilton, a noted anarchist, is appalled at the whole debate. "Relief fund? Giving money?! Now the government has to choose which social class to favor, and here's the big punch line, there is no right choice! We need to do away with the relief fund altogether, slash taxes and leave the people and businesses to rebuild without government meddling. Yes, there will be some 'I don't have any money' sob stories. Boo-freaking-hoo. It's not the government's job to bail them out because they failed to prepare."

  4. "I always said there's an opportunity in every disaster," councils Randy Goethe, your Minister of Underhanded Affairs. "We're not doing so hot in the polls right now. This fire is only going to put more of a strain on us. Now as I remember, the good ol' Minority Leader is head of the Storm's End Oversight Committee. Let's shift the focus onto it being his screw up, have a trial by media and he'll be indicted by next week. The public will burn him at the stake instead of us!"

The Government Position

The government has yet to formalize a position on this issue.

I have a ministry to cover just about every political scenario. Figures. XD
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I've always wondered what was up with the sultry tone of Shirley Bassey's Diamonds Are Forever, especially since throughout the song you keep getting the impression that she has an obsession with diamonds bordering on sexual. So I decide to do some research on

This is what I find:

On one of my James Bond special features it has an interview with I think John Barry and he said he told Shirley to sing the song like it was about a penis .. instead of diamonds.

You can kind of see the connection in the lyrics:

"They are all I need to please me,
They can stimulate and tease me,"

"Hold one up and then caress it,
Touch it, stroke it and undress it,
I can see every part,"

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Headcanon title for the rp me and [ profile] railenthe are currently planning. It's a crossover between Yu-Gi-Oh! and Tiger & Bunny but will mainly focus on the YGO cast. That's not to say that the T&B cast won't show up though!

Kaibaman (since we can't think of a better name and likely Seto won't either)
Real name: Seto Kaiba
NEXT Power: Dragonshift (he can turn into a dragon)
Wild Tiger Tag: Ryu-kun

Game Master
Real Name: Atem Elhassad
NEXT Power: pending
Wild Tiger Tag: Starfish (IDK OKAY)
Just putting in notes...
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Dark Scorpions Sentai

Episode synopsis says they're a special subgroup within the Shadow Riders...but when the episode starts pulling out moments like this...XD



Derpy fanart

I'm sorry but this had to be immortalized, especially since Banner's depictions of Yugi and Seto look so derpy. XD


...Yeah, not even going there. Too easy.

Lack of sleep

This one isn't so funny as it is wondering if the darker-than-usual shading was intentional, as if to reflect that Seto's been losing sleep over the whole "hologram" fiasco.

Not just for Kaibas


Possible relative of Yugi

If she is a Motou, her hair is relatively tame for one! Still, dem bangs...

This made me lol

I was laughing too hard when this came up. I probably shouldn't have been but it made my day XD

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Pages: 339
Words: 203,831
Characters (no spaces): 934,085
Characters (with spaces): 1,132,176
Paragraphs: 5,832
Lines: 19,495

Of course if I ever adapt this rp into fanfic form that's gonna lead to A LOT of editing...*groan*

Here's some Trustshipping and Azureshipping. Just because. ^^


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Actually, not really... But that's what happens when I've saved up a 300+ page transcript of my message history with PercentiledOne over the now-expired MSN Messenger onto Word and decide to polish it up a bit. The copy-pasting CAN be done, once you open the message history on IE; the problem was that it copy-pasted the table onto Word as well. So. Tedious.

In the meantime, have some pics:


Given what sort of power corporations have in YGO, I could actually see a crossover with Tiger & Bunny being quite viable. Granted a lot of things would have to be worked out first...


Introducing the adorableness that is the Seto!Pileup. I want to take all these chibis home with me; sure they'd cause trouble, and there would likely be times I'll want to punch them but YE GODS THE ADORABLE IS ENOUGH TO INDUCE CAVITIES.


Found this pic while trying to find a bellydance costume reference for a later scene. Thought it was cute and could picture Theoris wearing this.


Herr Kaiba! Sieg heil!


Just imagine him making airplane noises and the image is Pure. Gold.


Because leaving all of these guys in the same room would totally be a good idea...Yep. *srs nod*

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Playlist for the YuGiOh! RP "Bonds of the Soul" between me and PercentiledOne:

1. Sweet Dreams--Dreamshipping (Eurythmics)
2. Ojos Asi--Dreamshipping (Shakira)
3. Tomorrow Never Dies (Sheryl Crow)
4. The World is not Enough (Garbage)
5. Skyfall--Battle City opening theme (Adele)
6. Derezzed--Virtual World opening theme (Daft Punk)
7. Where Dragons Rule--Doma Arc opening theme (Dragonforce)
8. It's the Fear--Dragon aspect theme (Within Temptation)
9. The Messenger--Coming Forth by Day opening theme (Your Favorite Enemies)
10. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Daft Punk)
11. Game of Thrones Title Theme--Dream of the Rose opening theme
12. Black Magic Woman--Henutawwy theme (Santana)
13. I will Survive--Theoris Takeda theme (Stephanie Bentley)
14. You're not Alone--Dreamshipping (Katethegreat19 cover)
15. Behind Blue Eyes--Seto Kaiba theme (Limp Bizkit)
16. Wishmaster--Set theme (Nightwish)
17. You Know my Name--Games on the Moon opening theme (Chris Cornell)


Plus a few extra songs that won't be in the list but likely in its sequel:

Una Voz en el Alma--Warshipping (Millie Corretjer)
It's all coming back to Me Now--Warshipping (Celine Dion)
Wolfen (Das Tier in Mir) (E Nomine)
5 Marz (Megaherz)
They (Jem)
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Mmm...dat uniform...


Let's ignore the fact that the thought that brought about this idea in the first place was the mental image itself mmmkay?

His name would be Demian Kaiser. He'd be the leader of a tank team (with Noa and Mokuba's incarnations as teammates. SURPRISINGLY NO ONE IS RELATED TO ONE ANOTHER. For the record, Nazi!Noa is the spotter and Nazi!Mokuba is the mechanic. Demian handles both driving and shooting) and his tank would bear the affectionate nickname of "Fraulein Blitz." It may or may not have a BEWD decal on the side. Allied!Yugi would be his rival (DUR) and lead a tank team of his own. HIS tank bears the epithet of Dark Maiden and probably has a DMG decal on its side.

I mostly embellished but the credit for this incarnation goes to PercentiledOne. NEEDLESS TO SAY WE'RE OVERTHINKING THINGS A BIT.
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Aka the shipping label I've given to the Seto Kaiba/OC pairing in the rp I'm doing with my friend PercentiledOne (JW%). Participants: Seto Kaiba and my OC, Theoris Takeda.

Now, I'll start off by saying that Theoris turned out very different from her predecessors (OCs who were meant to be paired up with Kaiba but got remade again and again until scrapped altogether and Theoris was born), not just in looks but also in personality: the OCs that came before had incredibly powerful senses when it came to supernatural things and were strong believers of it, as well as being fairly competent in their use of InsertMillenniumItem here. They embraced their destiny.

Theoris on the other hand, is cut from a different cloth than these. Where the former embraced the destiny they were given, Theoris is actively fleeing hers and while bearing the Macguffin Item known as the Sacred Menat, she refuses to learn how to wield it simply because it's tied to Destiny. It's not until post-Battle City that she's finally motivated to start taking steps to mastering the use of the Menat. The reason: protecting Seto. If watching his back includes keeping an eye out for supernatural threats, so be it.

On to the ship itself.

From Seto's end of the pairing, his attraction stems from when he interviews Theoris for a job at Kaiba Corp (she's applying for a secretary position). She's given five minutes to prove why she should be hired and during those five minutes, he presents her with a chess puzzle where White is under threat of being checkmated. Of course, the way the puzzle is set up, there is no outcome where White comes out the victor: it is unwinnable.

It doesn't stop Theoris from trying to solve it all the same. Her first move is to move a knight to a position where it can intercept any of the pieces coming for the White King. This results in her getting six more turns to delay White's defeat. In her second and last move, she decides to be bold and aggressive by moving in a bishop to capture the Black King, as the path is clear. Of course, due to the puzzle being unwinnable she still loses...but it is enough to attract a certain CEO's interest.

For Theoris, her attraction is initially admiration and respect for Seto Kaiba. While not aware of the whole story, the way he took charge of his own fate strikes a chord within her and gives her hope that, even entrenched as she is in the fate she's running from, she can do the same. There's also the fact that he happens to be her type: arrogant, and capable of proving to the world why he's within his rights to be so while the Gods look away.

Now, both sides of the ship have a mutual attraction for one another...The frustrating part is that neither is the best at opening up about their feelings (though Theoris has an advantage over Seto due to having been in a relationship before) and both believe it's just a pipe dream. It takes a trip back in time to 1486 Germany (where they meet their DotR incarnations)--which Seto treats as a coma-induced dream throughout most of their stay--for the two to come clean about their feelings. Seto's treatment of the experience, in fact, is the source of origin for their shipping label: Dreamshipping.

As for why I'm writing about these two? Well, turns out rping their dynamic is a lot of fun, if at times frustrating (in part because PercentiledOne nails his portrayal of Seto Kaiba right on the head and Seto Kaiba has a tendency towards frustrating people). The vibe they give off as a pairing (and this includes their DotR incarnations) is also interesting: you get a sense that these two can be rather selfish in their love for one another yet still be considerate and caring. It's also fun to wax hypotheticals about their reactions to certain situations.

In short, this is a very fun pairing and I look forward to exploring them further. =)
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Tarot Card of the Day: The Chariot
In-general explanation: Oil her car. Victory tramples death's soil. The charioteer is the lover after conquering his choices. Another triangle. Go for it but don't take yourself too seriously. A car stuck in the mud moves along with the landscape. Perhaps it is not a car but a stage. Perhaps all winners are puppets. When the road gets tricky, loosen the reins. Let your feelings drive.
More directly: Indirect control, intuition, the power of subtlety.

Is it just me or does this app come off as rather Cloudcuckoolander at times? And what's with the wording of the text???
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It was hard to say how long she had been within the temple, calmly gazing at the large statue in the Sanctum. By the expression of her face, however--determined, eyes narrowed a bit to denote anger--clearly more was going on than most would guess.

"I must go back. You know it, I know it...So let me go."

"Let you return to that man after what happened?! Never, I will not let that happen again!"

Briefly the young woman closed her eyes, heaving a soft sigh before locking gazes with the statue again.

"That's not how it actually happened and you know it...I took steps to transcend my status and I did so of my own volition. Yet you refuse to admit that he wasn't the bad guy here."


"I'm sorry mother, but no matter what you do, I -will- go back to my husband's side."


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