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RP: Wartime Days
Fandom: Yugioh
Characters: Demian Kaiser, Nadya Djuric (WWII incarnations of Seto Kaiba and Theoris Takeda)
Roleplayers: AlkonostStorm, JW%


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Team Dragoon

Prompts used: 1, 2, 5, 6, 10-12, 15, 17, 19

Dear Warrior of Light Siegfried:

You will not win. I will make sure of that. Even in this prison, with what powers that are available to me, I will not stop until I have taken all you hold dear and broken you utterly.

Dear Shantotto:

Well played. However, some would call your stratagem 'running away.'

Dear Bahamut:

Your caves are most spacious and vast. Your hoard is mine now, by the way.

Dear Cid Lufaine:

Enjoy your new corporeal form.

Dear (Past) Me:

Sealing up those aspects was probably the best plan regarding Cosmos and Chaos.

Dear (Future) Me:

Be wary of the gods you made. Even tools can turn on their wielder.

Dear Bartandelus:

Your L'cie remembers his name. If you know what's good for you you'll fix that.

Dear Marilith:

Your scales are so lustruous and are most becoming on you. Your skin contrasts with your hair in a way that is most attractive. If you ever tire of the company of your cohorts, I would have no objections in showing you the size of my...hoard.

Dear Kraken:

I'm collecting on that favor you owe me. That L'cie toy of Bartandelus is a formidable opponent and a font of courage for the Warrior of Light. Break her...however you see fit.

Dear Claire:

To defy your master is to defy me. Holding such sway over him...You will regret this.

[Notes: A lot of this is based off of a DDFF rp me and Railenthe are doing while other parts are lifted from the game. While the bit with Marilith does have some basis in the rp as well, the idea of Shinryu/Marilith is very much crack. The mention of Shantotto is a reference to her DLC in the Japanese version, where she pretty much finds a way to escape the cycles. Also, the prompts aren't in order, and there's obvious mentions of WoL/Lightning.]
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You start trying to cross it over with ANYTHING. I swear, I think there's a plotbunny infestation here!

Latest plotbunny?

YuGiOh: Duellistes du Vodoun

The premise: Yugioh in a possible alternate setting, with overtones of Vodoun. Several cult factions use vodoun magic against one another, their main objective being to bring their particular Loa into more prominence. The struggle between the Petro Iwa faction and the Ghede Iwa faction is particularly heated.

The inspiration: Dr. Facilier Baron Samedi!Kaiba. Want. Someone draw this please?

I actually am really tempted to explore this further by writing a fic but I'm already caught up with several projects (including that Persona/Borderlands 2 fic, which I need to get a move on). Also I'm worried that despite whatever research I do, I might offend someone if my attempts turn out too 'Hollywood Voodoo'.

Personal headcanon for this: Due to the mental image of Baron Samedi!Kaiba, I posit that he leads the cult faction worshipping the Ghede Iwa. Also, headcanon insists that he serves as the horse for Baron Samedi. Said headcanon also maintains that if ships here include Kaiba/OC, then Theoris serves as Maman Brigitte's horse./shotdeadtrampled

As for the leader of the Petro Iwa cult faction...Obviously it's Yugi, dur. Or maybe Joey. That seems closer if only because red and black are part of his color motif thanks to Red Eyes. Of course going by that logic, Yugi should be in charge of the Ghede Iwa cult faction because his color motifs are black and purple....SCREW THE MOTIFS WE HAVE BARON SAMEDI!KAIBA.

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Is it just me or does that sound like the title to one of those smut novels?/shot


So last night during a particularly steamy scene, PercentiledOne posted this gem:

Where's the quote feature LJ!? )

Cannot unsee Older!Kaiba having an awkward conversation about reach and flexibility with his child now. Head!canon insists it would be the second child with Theoris, if they have another (besides Hanae K. Kaiba anyway), and it'd be a boy. :=D:

Yes I'm aware they're not even at the point where they'd look into having a family, if they ever do that. Headcanon likes to overplan
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  • Seto was still bored, looking at everything with disinterest. After all, the baby kicking had gotten from amazing to novel to boring to annoying already.

  • Noting his disinterest, Theoris reached over and nudged him, harder than she should have--on the side. For crying out loud, it was their child! She would have said something, except at that moment the doctor cut her off. "The child is female."

  • Seto's eyes went wide as he addressed the doctor, and Theoris could almost see the camera zooming out and leaving him standing alone in empty void. "What's this? A female? You mean I have... a daughter?!"

  • "That's right, Mr. Kaiba. You're going to be the father to a little girl." Theoris bit her lip, resisting the urge to declare "Called it."

  • Seto was in a widened stance, eyes wide, and yes, a dramatic wind had come up as he made a slow descent to his knees. "Not a son?"

  • "A Daugh--"

  • "Are you done being a drama queen yet?"

  • "I can't have a few more minutes of it?" Seto asked, moving to where he held his head in his hands but not quite making that pose yet.

  • Theoris simply waved at him in resignation, as if to say she was done with that; it might as well been granting him permission to continue.

  • The doctor had to put up with the occasional "How... how can it be?!" and "It's not possible!" through the rest of the visit.

  • Theoris heaved a sigh and made an appointment for two months later before leading Seto out of the clinic and into the limousine. "You can cut it out now."

  • "Don't make light of this." Seto told her.

  • "I'm not making light of it." He was starting to get on her nerves...

  • "You know what this means don't you?" Seto said, still in his melodramatic tone.

  • "What does it mean, Seto Kaiba?" Theoris asked, still in her tired-of-his-melodrama-yet-resigned-to-it tone.

  • "I'm going to have to paint the nursery pink!"

^Priorities! XD
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JW%: "Make it so." Seto told Chekov, dismissing him. Then he called up Mokuba to make alternative plans.

AlkonostStorm: Mokuba looked up from the mods he was programming into the Capsule Monsters game to answer the phone. "Yeah, Seto?"

JW%: "Mokuba, remember the old days?" Seto almost purred with the thought of mayhem. "We saved all those... less than safety committee-approved gear, right?"

AlkonostStorm: "...You mean that time when you thought you looked cool with Pistachio-green hair and gold eye contacts?"

JW%: Seto took several moments of silence. "Yes Mokuba. That time. No, I'm not dying my hair, or putting contacts in."

AlkonostStorm: "I still don't know what possessed you to go for that shade of green." Pause. "Yeah, they should still be around. Especially since a lot of money went into some of that gear; you didn't want it thrown away because it'd be a waste."

JW%: "I was trying for blonde!" Seto snapped and then regained his composure. "Anyway, you're aware of the issue with the MacDowan Corp." Mokuba probably wasn't. "That they're attempting to block Kaiba land's development for reasons that appear petty and spiteful. We might have to show them we can play at their level too."
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  • He caught her hand again. "I'll keep wearing this if you'll wear your jewelry." He offered.

  • "So...we become each other's slaves?"

  • "And why not?" He quirked an eyebrow. "Besides..." He tapped the collar. "This isn't a slave collar."

  • "It's closer to a pet collar, true..." She admitted, thinking back on a certain chapter of Awaiting Summons.

  • "At least it doesn't look like that dog collar that Yugi wears..." Seto muttered.

  • "Seto..." Theoris groaned as she moved to plant her face into a pillow, the mood ruined on her end and with little chance of being salvaged.

Now...To be fair, he does manage to save the moment before it becomes a total trainwreck. I just wanted to share this bit because I can see this actually happening. XD
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Headcanon title for the rp me and [ profile] railenthe are currently planning. It's a crossover between Yu-Gi-Oh! and Tiger & Bunny but will mainly focus on the YGO cast. That's not to say that the T&B cast won't show up though!

Kaibaman (since we can't think of a better name and likely Seto won't either)
Real name: Seto Kaiba
NEXT Power: Dragonshift (he can turn into a dragon)
Wild Tiger Tag: Ryu-kun

Game Master
Real Name: Atem Elhassad
NEXT Power: pending
Wild Tiger Tag: Starfish (IDK OKAY)
Just putting in notes...
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Warning: Slight mentions of food porn

AlkonostStorm: Throughout the weekend the cocktail of good things vs bad things would be a heady mixture. On the one hand, the doubled funds from MacDowan corp. prompted others to do the same, so in that sense things were going incredibly well. On the other, Seto and Theoris were awkward around each other for most of the week.

JW%: For Seto, 'awkward' seemed to be normal enough. Which wasn't necessarily a good thing, but it didn't do cause any harm to his productivity at least. Mokuba on the other hand was growing worried. That weekend he voiced a concern that the two of them were fighting.

AlkonostStorm: "F-fighting? Last I checked we weren't. Fighting that is." Did avoiding each other count as fighting? She wasn't sure...

JW%: The boy frowned. "Why did you answer like that." He broke into a triumphant grin. "Because you're feeling guilty! You are fighting with Big Brother!"

AlkonostStorm: "I am not fighting with Seto. I was just...just dealing with womanly issues I can't avoid even if I tried."

JW%: "Riiiight. You're fighting. And my big brother is going to win!"

"Shut up Mokuba." Seto said coming down the hallway to shoo the boy away.

AlkonostStorm: She watched as he shooed the boy away, relieved she wouldn't have had to explain herself further. Granted, Mokuba probably had SOME knowledge about menstruation by this point thanks to school but still, it was awkward having to explain that.

JW%: Seto did order Theoris flowers and chocolates that evening, but did not visit her, and without plans, he mostly continued with work and kept an eye on Mokuba's antics.

AlkonostStorm: Theoris did store away the chocolates but she didn't do anything with the flowers, leaving them be. Personally, she was more than a little irked by the gifts: if they were meant to replace his presence, they failed utterly at that. After a few seconds, she grabbed the box of chocolates and headed over to his room, knocking on the door.

JW%: "Yes?" Seto answered.

AlkonostStorm: "I..." There was a pause as she showed him the box of chocolates. "Want some? I could never eat this all by myself." Pause. "And I...I missed you."

JW%: He opened the door and let her in, gesturing for her to head to the bed.

AlkonostStorm: She walked into the room, moving to sit on the bed and placing the box beside her as she removed her slippers and pulled her legs up before crossing them.

JW%: He took a moment to consider her, gazing along her legs as she crossed them before her. "Lean back." He told her, taking a chocolate from the box.

AlkonostStorm: Dark chocolate shell with mint filling... She remembered as she leaned back for him, using the headboard as support.

JW%: "This is probably going to sound rather strange." Seto told her, feeding her the chocolate. "But I've been wanting to do this for about a week now."

AlkonostStorm: She took a moment to savor the treat, appreciating the combination of dark chocolate mixing with the minty filling to combine something new. "What? Feed me chocolate?" Theoris straightened and reached for the box, picking out a white chocolate lump lightly dusted with cinnamon and containing a coffee filling. "Now you lean back."

JW%: "Feed you chocolate... rub your feet... pamper and worship you... something along those lines." He said, leaning back against some pillows.

AlkonostStorm: She smiled slightly, placing the chocolate in his mouth before moving to lie down on her side, facing him. "That's very sweet of you."

JW%: He seemed more inclined to suck her finger than the chocolate, though he closed his eyes in enjoyment of it. He liked the coffee flavor filling. He took a moment just to lay there eyes closed on the bed with her.

AlkonostStorm: She moved a bit closer to him, her forehead lightly pressed against his own as they relaxed, enjoying each other's presence in comfortable silence.

JW%: "I suppose I should get started, shouldn't I?" He finally sighed.

AlkonostStorm: "We could just keep on with what we started." She told him as she leaned away to reach for the box again.

JW%: "If that's what you'd like." He smiled, and caught her fingertips, lifting the bit of chocolate to his own lips.

AlkonostStorm: This time, it was a dark chocolate with mango filling. Theoris did not immediately pull her fingers away, watching as his lips brushed past them. After a second, she withdrew her hand, gazing into his eyes.

JW%: He took a bite of the chocolate, and then held the other half for her to taste, closing his eyes and leaning against her again.

AlkonostStorm: She leaned in, taking the other half from his fingers with her mouth, blinking once when it dawned on her they had just shared an indirect kiss. Of course, it was entirely possible he had planned that...

JW%: He had, though the fact that he followed it up with an actual kiss didn't hurt matters either.

AlkonostStorm: She returned the kiss, one hand going up to caress his cheek. Theoris couldn't recall a time they had slowed down like this but she wasn't complaining either. It was...nice. Warm. Intimate.

JW%: He stroked her shoulder and reached for another chocolate, but let his hand rest near the box as he simply gazed into her eyes and waited.

AlkonostStorm: She pulled back, giving a slight nod so that he could go ahead and pick.

JW%: He picked another one with a kind of cream filling and offered it to her first this time, moving to kiss her almost immediately to get the flavor from her lips and tongue.

AlkonostStorm: Milk chocolate with a cream almond filling. Theoris barely had time to chew and swallow, never mind savor, before he moved in for the kiss. This time it lasted a bit longer than the first but was still slow and gentle.

JW%: "You're still not... in the mood for something more physical, are you?" He asked touching her cheek with his knuckles, to avoid his sticky fingers touching her face.

AlkonostStorm: "Not yet. Soon, perhaps but...right now I just want your company, Seto." She said, wrapping her arms around him in a hug.

JW%: "I'm fine with that." He said, putting his arm around her, but not squeezing, just holding her gently. "So I don't have to rub your feet?"

AlkonostStorm: "I'll take a rain check on that one." She told him, a teasing note in her voice as she spoke.

JW%: "I suppose I'll have to owe you." He said, teasing her as well, and leaning in to touch their noses together for a moment while he gazed into her eyes.

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[Poll #1908315]

Just want to generate discussion on the idea. Never mind that an rp about the premise IS in the works...
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Pages: 339
Words: 203,831
Characters (no spaces): 934,085
Characters (with spaces): 1,132,176
Paragraphs: 5,832
Lines: 19,495

Of course if I ever adapt this rp into fanfic form that's gonna lead to A LOT of editing...*groan*

Here's some Trustshipping and Azureshipping. Just because. ^^


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From Atlantis to the Present, a list of Seto and Theoris' incarnations. Since new ones are starting to pop up, this is mostly to keep track.

Atlantis (relevant in Doma Arc):
-Critias (Senator, Knight of Atlantis)
-Arsinoe (Hetaera)

Ancient Egypt (relevant in Millennium World, Coming Forth by Day):
-Set (High Priest, Pharaoh) [headcanon says he becomes Seth-Peribsen]
-Henutawwy (High Priestess, Queen)

Roman Empire:
-Hadrian (Roman Legionnaire)
-Gisila (Visigoth tribal Queen)

15th Century (relevant in Duelists of the Roses):
-Christian Rosenkreutz (Crusader, Prince)
-Alaine de Poitiers (Divine Duelist, Noble)

16th Century Ottoman Empire:
-Selim (Yeniceri, nobleman)
-Rhea Petraliphas (Harem slave/concubine)

Second Opium War/Bakumatsu
-Inoue Tsubaki

-Demian Kaiser (Soldier)
-Nadya Djuric (Lounge singer)

Present Day:
-Seto Kaiba (CEO)
-Theoris Takeda (Secretary, professional Duelist)
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Actually, not really... But that's what happens when I've saved up a 300+ page transcript of my message history with PercentiledOne over the now-expired MSN Messenger onto Word and decide to polish it up a bit. The copy-pasting CAN be done, once you open the message history on IE; the problem was that it copy-pasted the table onto Word as well. So. Tedious.

In the meantime, have some pics:


Given what sort of power corporations have in YGO, I could actually see a crossover with Tiger & Bunny being quite viable. Granted a lot of things would have to be worked out first...


Introducing the adorableness that is the Seto!Pileup. I want to take all these chibis home with me; sure they'd cause trouble, and there would likely be times I'll want to punch them but YE GODS THE ADORABLE IS ENOUGH TO INDUCE CAVITIES.


Found this pic while trying to find a bellydance costume reference for a later scene. Thought it was cute and could picture Theoris wearing this.


Herr Kaiba! Sieg heil!


Just imagine him making airplane noises and the image is Pure. Gold.


Because leaving all of these guys in the same room would totally be a good idea...Yep. *srs nod*

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Playlist for the YuGiOh! RP "Bonds of the Soul" between me and PercentiledOne:

1. Sweet Dreams--Dreamshipping (Eurythmics)
2. Ojos Asi--Dreamshipping (Shakira)
3. Tomorrow Never Dies (Sheryl Crow)
4. The World is not Enough (Garbage)
5. Skyfall--Battle City opening theme (Adele)
6. Derezzed--Virtual World opening theme (Daft Punk)
7. Where Dragons Rule--Doma Arc opening theme (Dragonforce)
8. It's the Fear--Dragon aspect theme (Within Temptation)
9. The Messenger--Coming Forth by Day opening theme (Your Favorite Enemies)
10. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Daft Punk)
11. Game of Thrones Title Theme--Dream of the Rose opening theme
12. Black Magic Woman--Henutawwy theme (Santana)
13. I will Survive--Theoris Takeda theme (Stephanie Bentley)
14. You're not Alone--Dreamshipping (Katethegreat19 cover)
15. Behind Blue Eyes--Seto Kaiba theme (Limp Bizkit)
16. Wishmaster--Set theme (Nightwish)
17. You Know my Name--Games on the Moon opening theme (Chris Cornell)


Plus a few extra songs that won't be in the list but likely in its sequel:

Una Voz en el Alma--Warshipping (Millie Corretjer)
It's all coming back to Me Now--Warshipping (Celine Dion)
Wolfen (Das Tier in Mir) (E Nomine)
5 Marz (Megaherz)
They (Jem)
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Shadow Game duel: Theoris vs Sion
Outcome: Theoris loses
Decks: Her Dragon-themed deck vs his Lovecraftian Deck
Sacred Items: Sacred Menat vs Sacred Was. (Tbh, the Menat didn't see much use)

Quite possibly Theoris would have achieved her plan of pulling them both down to a draw. Unfortunately, Sion really did a number in messing with her head. Like to the point where she was reduced to her knees and crying because he struck where it would hurt most--using an illusory Seto that simply abandoned her. Just turned and walked away. Would be very surprised if by the end of Battle City she's not suffering some form of PTSD.

In any case, she lost the duel and is currently comatose. Sion was using his Was to control her like a puppet and leave with her (along with the heavy implication that he will be doing very questionable things with her body) but then Henutawwy butts in from within the menat, freezing him in place while Seto makes his way down to the arena (it goes without saying that both spirit and CEO are royally pissed off).

We left off with the duel about to start.

PercentiledOne, you may call that scene "crazy" but I thought it was AMAZING EPIC. AND I WAS THE ONE WHOSE CHARACTER WAS ON THE RECEIVING END OF THE MIND****!
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Aka the shipping label I've given to the Seto Kaiba/OC pairing in the rp I'm doing with my friend PercentiledOne (JW%). Participants: Seto Kaiba and my OC, Theoris Takeda.

Now, I'll start off by saying that Theoris turned out very different from her predecessors (OCs who were meant to be paired up with Kaiba but got remade again and again until scrapped altogether and Theoris was born), not just in looks but also in personality: the OCs that came before had incredibly powerful senses when it came to supernatural things and were strong believers of it, as well as being fairly competent in their use of InsertMillenniumItem here. They embraced their destiny.

Theoris on the other hand, is cut from a different cloth than these. Where the former embraced the destiny they were given, Theoris is actively fleeing hers and while bearing the Macguffin Item known as the Sacred Menat, she refuses to learn how to wield it simply because it's tied to Destiny. It's not until post-Battle City that she's finally motivated to start taking steps to mastering the use of the Menat. The reason: protecting Seto. If watching his back includes keeping an eye out for supernatural threats, so be it.

On to the ship itself.

From Seto's end of the pairing, his attraction stems from when he interviews Theoris for a job at Kaiba Corp (she's applying for a secretary position). She's given five minutes to prove why she should be hired and during those five minutes, he presents her with a chess puzzle where White is under threat of being checkmated. Of course, the way the puzzle is set up, there is no outcome where White comes out the victor: it is unwinnable.

It doesn't stop Theoris from trying to solve it all the same. Her first move is to move a knight to a position where it can intercept any of the pieces coming for the White King. This results in her getting six more turns to delay White's defeat. In her second and last move, she decides to be bold and aggressive by moving in a bishop to capture the Black King, as the path is clear. Of course, due to the puzzle being unwinnable she still loses...but it is enough to attract a certain CEO's interest.

For Theoris, her attraction is initially admiration and respect for Seto Kaiba. While not aware of the whole story, the way he took charge of his own fate strikes a chord within her and gives her hope that, even entrenched as she is in the fate she's running from, she can do the same. There's also the fact that he happens to be her type: arrogant, and capable of proving to the world why he's within his rights to be so while the Gods look away.

Now, both sides of the ship have a mutual attraction for one another...The frustrating part is that neither is the best at opening up about their feelings (though Theoris has an advantage over Seto due to having been in a relationship before) and both believe it's just a pipe dream. It takes a trip back in time to 1486 Germany (where they meet their DotR incarnations)--which Seto treats as a coma-induced dream throughout most of their stay--for the two to come clean about their feelings. Seto's treatment of the experience, in fact, is the source of origin for their shipping label: Dreamshipping.

As for why I'm writing about these two? Well, turns out rping their dynamic is a lot of fun, if at times frustrating (in part because PercentiledOne nails his portrayal of Seto Kaiba right on the head and Seto Kaiba has a tendency towards frustrating people). The vibe they give off as a pairing (and this includes their DotR incarnations) is also interesting: you get a sense that these two can be rather selfish in their love for one another yet still be considerate and caring. It's also fun to wax hypotheticals about their reactions to certain situations.

In short, this is a very fun pairing and I look forward to exploring them further. =)
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Title: Letters
Fandom: Yugioh!
Characters/Pairings: Seto Kaiba, Critias, Set, Christian Rosenkreutz, OCs, Dreamshipping, Debateshipping, Dragonshipping, Royalshipping

In some way or another, they had exchanged letters throughout all their lifetimes.

For Critias and Arsinoe, the letters had been long, eloquent treatises on their respective arguments, waxing poetic about why their ideas were flawed and in what way.

For Set and Henutawwy, it had started out as a simple game designed to challenge each other's minds: on papyrus or wax tablets, a message would be sent, along with a cypher to help as a guide to figuring out the code. The cypher would be different each time, to keep their minds sharp.

For Alaine and Christian, they had primarily been letters of courtship, with the occasional mention of Alaine's progress in trying to capture the Red Rose Cards. Even if one took out the more graphic sections, the emotion in those letters is genuine and it isn't hard to see that both are looking forward to the idea of marriage.

For Seto and Theoris, letters are a way of writing down what they feel when they want to avoid a confrontation that could lead to arguments--a pretty damn likely outcome given their personalities. It also takes more courage than either feels to send those letters. The first letter she sends (titled "Prometheus"), Theoris is more afraid than she's ever felt in her life, as she's not certain how the boy she has grown to care for as more than her employer would react.

And yet she leaves it with the rest of the correspondence in his desk all the same, her query both simple and complicated at the same time:

She wants to be convinced that the Pact of Glory is the right path. The why of a boy who has gotten so far in life by his own strengths suddenly decides he needs the help of gods to overthrow a king.

"I respect you so much because you carved out your own destiny, Seto Kaiba. You tossed the hand you were dealt back at the dealer and dealt your own. For someone who has been told from childhood that any path she tries to decide for herself is ultimately a waste of time and that she should dedicate herself to embrace the destiny she's been given, that means something. It means that I could do the same, even in my circumstances.

Yet now...I can't help wonder if you've lost sight of that, which is why I ask that you help me to understand. -Theoris Takeda"
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Note to self:

At some point must write an easy-to-follow dress code detailing what's required and what's optional in the Star Legion, if only so people can have some idea of how their Sailor Senshi should be dressed. The fact that the Star Legion is a military organization only serves to give more reasons why this should be done.

...Alas, I'm too lazy *face plant in ground*
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The Tropes that can be found in an epic rp with my friend railenthe. There's quite a few so this will take a while:

Action Girl: Most, if not all the female characters in the rp with the exceptions of Cosmos and Odile. And even then who knows how long that will last

Battle Couple: At least two: Lightning and WoL, followed by Leon and Lenne whenever they find themselves fighting together.

The Hecate Sisters: Atargatis, Cosmos, Odile

The Three Faces of Adam: Kasdeja, Chaos, still-unnamed sage figure Savebe

Shipper on Deck: Lenne, Leon, and OK Luneth become this for PalaMecia

Baleful Polymorph: Odile and Atargatis.
  • Thanks to their new special armor, Lenne and Kain can be counted as this.
  • Also the Imp Moogle status spell
Deadpan Snarker: Quite a few.

Genius Loci: Shade Impulse!Pandemonium, possibly The world setting for Dissidia. The Labyrinth could also count as this.

She's got legs: Lenne, Lightning

Shout out: Lenne (Her namesake being a character from FFX-2), Odile (Swan Lake)

Running Gag: Lenne's Moogle-themed tent, THE SUCCESSION, semore s'mores, moogles
  • Now includes Cougarbait!Leon
  • Moogle!Warriors (Moogle of Light/Mogfried, Mobranth, Morion, etc)
Breaking the Fourth Wall: Quite a few times but certain characters have a tendency towards this.

Foe Yay: Cosmos and Chaos. Technically, Leon and Lenne
  • subverted (averted?) with Leon and Lenne because they were never real enemies to begin with and do not even view each other as thus, as opposed to the other Cosmos Warriors, who have reasons to hate and/or oppose their Chaos counterpart.
Kid Genius: OK

Cloud Cuckoolander: Laguna

What Could Have Been: Shepard from Mass Effect joining the Cosmos team
  • Curbstomped by the issue of who would be ME's representative for Chaos
Bow and Sword in Accord: Firion. Also Vaan

Dual Wielding: Lenne, Zidane

Multi Melee Master: Firion AND Lenne

Instant Awesome (Just Add Dragons): Dragoons

Multi Ranged Master: Laguna And Shepard

Names to Run Away From Really Fast: Atargatis, Odile and Kasdeja. ESPECIALLY THE LAST TWO IF THEY'RE TOGETHER

Walking Armory: Firion and Lenne

Animal Motifs: The Dragoons. Also Odile and Atargatis. Newest person to join this trope is the Hunter aspect of Chaos, Kasdeja.

Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Lightning becomes this for the Cosmos Team

One Hit Kill: Lightning, with Warrior of Light

Friends with Benefits: Lenne and Leon
  • Leon's aiming for a Relationship Upgrade, though.
  • Relationship Upgrade Achieved!
UST: WoL and Lightning
  • they also invoke Belligerent Sexual Tension
Fridge Brilliance: Inner workings of the Manikins and Cosmos Warrior-Therapist Vaan
  • WoL Siegfried. Or rather, naming him Siegfried. THESE RPERS HAD NO IDEA IT WOULD BE THIS EPIC 
Berserk Button: The Succession and his subordinates' idea of recreational pasttimes does this for Mateus.
  • Count Borghen. It'll start a 5-min+ rant.
Loyal Animal Companion: Griever for Ultimecia. Lenne also fit this Trope back in her dragoon days in Deist.

Mindscrew: A lot of it; Cosmos and Chaos are not what they appear to be, history between Lightning and WoL in the past cycles, the reason for the cycles and war existing to begin with, the list goes on. In a funny example, the fact idea that Mateus can show positive emotions like love, empathy and affection results into this for everyone from the FF2-verse.

  • Also Vaan wearing a shirt does this for this rper
Marionette Master: Odile, to an extent. Also, Kasdeja.

Mind Rape: Odile does this to WoL and Lightning...and that was just the start.
  • Recently it's Leon who ended up on the receiving end. It got worse for him considering that Odile poisoned him with an agent that tortures the victim with vivid hallucinations brought about by emotional burdens and does not kill.
Spiritual Descendant: Laguna and Squall are implied to be this to Leon.
  • Cecil actually becomes this in his game when he gets the Deathbringer, which was Leon's sword.
  • Actually he's more like a spiritual succesor.
Blade on a Stick: The Dragoons and Cecil

Kid Hero: OK,Vaan

Human Abomination: Odile probably counts as this. This roleplayer doesn't know for sure
  • Leon might count as this given the approach we're taking with his Dark Knight powers.
Man behind the Man: Cid the Lufenian

Everyone Can See it:  With Lenne and Leon. Possibly also the case with Lightshipping but everyone else is too intimidated by Siegfried or Lightning to comment on it.
  • subverted because Lenne and Leon can see it too; unfortunately Lenne has commitment issues and believes Leon could do better.

Ascended Extra: Leon. AND HOW.

It Got Worse: The Manikins. Not only do they stop making distinctions between sides, they also gain basic sentience and thanks to Kasdeja, they grow to resent their Originals.

Blood Knight: Atargatis, being a warlike aspect of Cosmos, takes this to an extreme. This trope also applies to Leon.

Fridge Horror: The Manikins gaining sentience and vices. Especially Vices.

Snake People: Kasdeja

Horny Devil: Mateus once he has enough chocolate in his system. Interesting things can happen when feeding chocolate to someone who's part Incubus.

Genre-savvy: Leon seems to be a recurring example of this.

  • "He's the tank to her DPS." <--For srsly XD
Extreme Omnivore: Though we have yet to show an example in the rp, Lenne and Kain, due to the aftereffects Berserk has on dragoons.
  • "Needs more diamond...I mean, salt."
  • "Not bad. Sapphires are better though."
  • My bad, there was a moment: when they were in Berserk!Dragon-form, they were eating the manikins.
Fate Worse than Death: In a humorous example, talking and/or associating with Count Borghen results in this for the FF2 people.

Even Evil Has Standards: "An evil bastard is one thing. An untrustworthy bastard is another story altogether." -Railenthe

Magnificent Bastard: TOO MANY

Selective Amnesia: Most of the Cosmos Warriors have forgotten Siegfried's name.

Big Bad: Shinryu.

Flat What: Leon and Mateus' reaction to Ultimecia comparing their relationship to a Father-son one.

Heads I win Tails you lose: Played straight in the flashback sequence where Leon joins the Palamecian Empire and agrees to train as a Dark Knight.

Dark is not Evil: Leon and Cecil. Admittedly, Leon did do several villanous deeds in his game which is why he's on the Chaos side. It should be noted he was ordered to commit these acts.

Evil is Sexy: Most of the Chaos side.

Bizarrechitecture: The tents
  • Actually Squall's tent is the most normal one seen thus far.

alkonost_storm: (Elaine Rubech)
Most people did not know about it's existence. The few who did called it "Labyrinth of the Lost"; anything that was lost could be recovered in this place, from forgotten wonders like the Great Library of Mysidia to more abstract things, such as emotions or memories.

Ultimately, they would end up in the Labyrinth of the Lost.

Unlike most labyrinths, this one was no stationary structure of stone or hedges; no, this labyrinth grew, new cloisters and passageways being added on with the passing of time. Not even those with vast experience could say how far its passages went and any who dared to map the Labyrinth treated their maps with extreme care, as though they were more valuable than Gold Angels.

Like most living dungeons, the labyrinth would test the adventurers wandering its halls and cloisters. Sure, one could venture in to recover what they had lost, but it was not a simple matter. No, they had to be tested first, and prove they were worthy of recovering their lost item. In addition, only certain cloisters would contain items such as memories or one's original self, and these cloisters were not easy to find. Another rumor said that they could only be accessed by certain people, but no one could say for certain for they had not located them yet:

The Cloister of Falsehoods
The Cloister of Imitation
The Counterfeit Cloister
The Delusory Cloister
 The Cloister of Fallacies
The Cloister of Phantoms
The Cloister of Imagination
The Cloister of Transcience
The Cloister of Capriciousness
The Ephemeral Cloister
The Cloister of Antiquity
The Cloister of Idleness
The Fleeting Cloister

There was of course, one more, and it was the oldest cloister of all.

The Cthonic Cloister.

It was said that it was here where Shinryu slumbered and dreamed. Some say he made this Cloister his home, others called it his prison. Whatever the case, this was the Dragon's den, which he could not leave, not without fulfilling certain conditions.

There would be many a prayer asking that these conditions never come to pass, lest it result in the twilight of the world.


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