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It showed in the Atlanta Symphony hall for the seventh and the eighth of June. I went on the eighth.

It. Was. Amazing. Beyond. Words. It was awesome being surrounded by so many Final Fantasy fans (me and Monique even chatted with three sitting in front of us)--some were even cosplaying or had brought merc of the series. Alas I didn't buy anything because the merc at the concert was too pricy for what I had on me at the time.

One of the highlights of the evening was definitely hearing Susan Calloway sing. At first I was a little bothered by the fact that she took deep breaths through her mouth rather than her nose (a sign she hasn't been properly trained) but her powerful voice quickly won me over, especially in her cover of Eyes on Me. MIND. BLOWN. Another song she covered was Suteki da ne which was just as beautiful (though I still prefer Erutan's cover of it).

6/8/2013 Program:

  • Final Fantasy Series: Main theme (Is it bad I was quoting Brentalfloss' cover on it?)

  • Final Fantsy I-III: Medley 2002

  • Final Fantasy VIII: Eyes on Me (Her best performance of the night. But then I'm biased towards VIII)

  • Final Fantasy IV: Battle with the Four Fiends (Is it bad I was hearing this while picturing Hyadain's version?)

  • Final Fantasy V: Main theme

  • Final Fantasy X: Zanarkand (One of my favorite compositions in the FFX OST)

  • Final Fantasy XI: Distant Worlds

  • Final Fantasy VIII: Don't be afraid (at one point they showed the Dollet sequence in the screen and I kept quoting "Chicken wuss!" at seeing Zell get all pissy towards Seifer. There was also one bit where I wondered if someone was playing the game backstage at that very moment XD)

  • Final Fantasy Series: Chocobo Medley 2012 (Definitely one of the more animated moments. Especially when they switched to Mambo de Chocobo from V)

INTERMISSION (where much fangirling/boying was had)

  • Final Fantasy VII: Opening--Bombing Mission

  • Final Fantasy XIII: Blinded by the Light

  • Final Fantasy VI: Phantom Forest

  • Final Fantasy IX: You're Not Alone (One of the highlights of the evening for me. I was even quoting Erutan's cover on it!)

  • Final Fantasy X: Suteki da ne (While I didn't know the lyrics, I did enjoy Susan Calloway's cover)

  • Final Fantasy XI: Vana'diel March

  • Final Fantasy VII: Aerith's Theme (Again, started quoting Erutan)

  • Final Fantasy Series: Battle/Victory Theme Medley

  • Final Fantasy VI: Terra's Theme (I love Terra's theme so inwardly I squeed XD)


  • One Winged Angel (Not only that but the audience got to sing along! I felt we all sounded a bit shy at first but quickly gained more confidence throughout. IT WAS AWESOME.)

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and well worth the money spent in getting the tickets. Hopefully there will be a repeat experience in the future.

On another unrelated note, have a Seto Kaiba AMV with You Know My Name (I'VE BEEN LOOKING EVERYWHERE FOR AN AMV OF SETO KAIBA WITH A JAMES BOND THEME XD):

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Title: Bragging Contest
Fandom: Dissidia Final Fantasy
Characters: Warrior of Light, Shinryu
Words: 82
Rating: K
Summary: Before the final battle, the Warrior of Light exchanges words with his most formidable opponent.Very short piece, heavily inspired by Bilbo's confrontation with Smaug the Terrible in The Hobbit.

"My teeth and claws, the sharpest swords.
My scales, the most enduring armor.
My magic is an oncoming storm, thou cannot hope to outrun it.
My breath shall be your end."

"The sharper the sword, the more brittle the blade.
Strike it enough times, and even the strongest armor will give way to my sword.
I'm no good at magic but my comrades will pick up the slack.
As for your breath, today will be the last day you ever draw any."
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It's a crossover between the Persona/Shin Megami Tensei series and Borderlands.

Involving the cast from both Persona 3 and Persona 4.

We're mainly concerned with figuring out character dynamics and subplots atm but so far main plot is leaning towards being set in Borderlands 2 along with something going on that there's more than six sirens currently in existence in the universe and that might have something to do with a coalition between Hyperion Corporation and the Kirijo Group...


Also can't help but think this song will end up being relevant in-story:

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Author: [ profile] alkonost_storm
Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh (Duelists of the Roses)
Characters/Pairings: "Seto" Christian Rosenkreutz/Rose Duelist (PC)


This lifetime had been meant for her to pay for past transgressions in full. A clean slate for the next life, if only she would don the red rose.

It says much of her person that she chose to dig herself in deeper instead.


Even though it was only their first meeting, Christian could not claim the Rose Duelist was a complete stranger. Rather, the meeting had the air of old friends crossing paths after long years apart.


She could try to justify her actions to them, try to make them understand why she did not come running as they desired, a puppy eager to please her masters.

Instead, Alaine offers nothing, even when some find it in themselves to ask.


His plans proceed smoothly, even with that one bump on the road in the form of Gwyn abducting the Rose Duelist to acquire some of her blood. They are slowly losing their hold in England but she is out there, winning the battles that matter.

If his plans are coming to fruition, why does he find it so hard to look her in the eye?


Even without the armor, he reminds her of that mythical beast, his gaze promising many things, power, knowledge, his love and danger, should she disturb the beast slumbering within.

But then, that is always a risk when dealing with dragons.


He always considered himself a person that could not be easily read, a book with difficult cyphers even after the lock keeping it closed had been broken.

So why was it that she could read him so easily?


The geis compels her to feel knives where she should be feeling tiles or grass. It's even specific enough to have Alaine hear the slicing of the blades when she steps on them. It's becoming harder to evade his questions regarding the bloody bandages around her feet.

In the end, what they have is worth this pain.


It seemed to him that she fussed over his bruise more than was necessary. Yes, he had gotten blindsided and it resulted in a neatly melted hole in his armor but he was perfectly fine!

Yet for all of that, he secretly liked the attention.


He had not known what he'd wrought, bringing Arawn into their world but rather than calling him out, Alaine simply steps forward and places her hand on his own gauntleted one.

King of the Underworld or not, they would duel him and win.
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Who shall be the lucky lady? Totally aiming for Lavinia or Noah tbh Stay tuned!
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My thanks to:

Kain Highwind (who did more damage than I expected in the first round and showed that certain attacks can be dodged)
Yuna (who successfully whittled down FC's health to way down the halfway mark)
Lightning (who did her best, although with her attacks it was difficult to trap FC and keep him trapped)
Cloud of Darkness (who despite that her available attacks were the basic ones, managed to damage FC quite a bit, particularly with Anti-Air Beams)
Terra Branford (who finished him off and won the battle)

I reiterate:

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You are a 73% FFIX nerd!

Well aren't you the FFIX scholar? No doubt about it, you love this game enough to remember some of the finer details most players so easily miss. You've probably traveled through Gaia with Zidane and company quite a few times, digging for Chocographs, finding monsters for Quina to eat and delivering way too many Mognet letters! Good on you!

FFIX Trivia Quiz
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You are a 80% FFIX nerd!

Well aren't you the FFIX scholar? No doubt about it, you love this game enough to remember some of the finer details most players so easily miss. You've probably traveled through Gaia with Zidane and company quite a few times, digging for Chocographs, finding monsters for Quina to eat and delivering way too many Mognet letters! Good on you!

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I forget which floor I was in but I am now taking on the Edge of Discord Gateway. I'm down to three skills, two of which I refuse to use except for when most of my party is KO'd (The transactions plus buying extra summons, left me KP!broke). Since this is a GATEWAY THAT MATTERS situation, I will most likely be overlooking most of the treasure and/or mooks and mainly beating up the troublesome ones blocking my way.

WISH ME LUCK! *ventures into cave with a cloak flourish*

EDIT: Okay things did not work out as I hoped so I'm gonna implement some changes in my party first, ones to make them closer to gamebreaker nukes rather than the Squishy wizards they currently are.

For starters:
  • Party member switch (Prishe for Ultimecia)
  • Lore investment
  • Gear Investment
  • Summonstone Investment
...I'm gonna need a lot of gil and KP for this venture.
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Will be using my mom's pc until they find out exactly what's wrong with my router and if it will have to be repaired or not. Hopefully this resolves itself quickly ><

On a completely unrelated note....According to TV Tropes, Leon and Kain Highwind had a lovechild and he appears in FFXIII-2!

How, one may ask? Well, first off he's going to be voiced by Kain's VA from Duodecim. Second, one character designer said that his appearance had been inspired by Leon...Ergo, they had a lovechild! XD

Admittedly I blame the trailers for this but I already want to ship Caius and Lightning as a foe yay ship. That bad?
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(subtitle: The demand for scarletite has been decreased from 28 to 5)

I have decided to form an all-girl team for 000 and therefore, their gear takes priority above everyone else's. So far, three spots have been confirmed:

1. Terra
2. Yuna
3. Lightning

Who will get the last two spots is unknown. WE SHALL SEE >8D

Oh yeah, and have Seph and Yuna fighting to the tune of Swan Lake

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AND NOW THAT I'VE BEATEN IT IT'S TIME TO WORK ON PREPARING EVERYBODY FOR 000. Currently I have a party right now, all maxed out characters (Sephiroth, Ultimecia, Terra, Squall, Firion to be exact) but they're not the official designated party, just the exploratory treasure hunting one.


Anyone know where I can get 27 Scarletites?

What for?

Well, I need them for the second most powerful weapons...I already have ONE scarletite...I need twenty seven more! 8D

...This is going to be fun >>;
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*pokes title* Sure you wanna ask me that? It won't be pretty...You still wanna know? Well, were warned!

Cycle 14 (as envisioned by alkonost_storm):

To sum it all up in one sentence: EVERYTHING GOES TO HELL.

How, you may ask? Well, let me count the ways...

Sadly Mythtaken: Unbeknowst to mostly everyone involved in this mess, Cosmos and Chaos are actually triple-aspect deities. Certain parties decided they did not want four extra divine aspects involved in the Cycles so they were sealed away. In Cycle 014, it's not enough that the seals expire; to being separated from the Gods, these aspects acquire their own bodies and move on to meddle with the Cycles, and those involved with the Cycles.

Manikin Evolution: Some of the aspects decide to change the rules a little by altering the original mindless cannon fodder nature of the manikins. First step: basic sentience, along with the capacity to learn and adapt. Second step: Let's add all the worst traits of every fighter in this conflict and see what happens! >8D

Bait and Switch Boss: Chaos and Cosmos (or their aspects) won't be the final enemies in this adventure....*shifty look*
Gotterdamerung: Well...that's what will happen if certain parties get their way....

MINDSCREW, MINDRAPE, MINDFUCK: Expect this from the Chaotic personas of Cosmos and Chaos. Their ideal targets of course, will be the Cosmos Crew and any well-intentioned person on Team Chaos but overall, they're not picky about who they screw over. Please keep in mind that these two are not the actual villains.

Okay that's all I can think up plotwise...ON TO GAMEPLAY!

New Player Characters:

-Leon (FF2)
-Genesis, Zack (FF7: Crisis Core)
-Rinoa (FF8)
-Ashe, Vayne (FF12)
-Fang, Barthandelus (FF13)

World Map:

*pushes in all landmasses from the other FFs into the Dissidia!Map*

Final Dungeon: (it will kinda sorta be like a platformer game!)
Setting: The Labyrinth
Additions: Trap corridors (like in Prince of Persia), puzzle rooms, significant character development rooms, NON-MANIKIN BOSSFIGHTS (WITH REAL MONSTERS)

Story Modes:
-Cosmos-side story mode
-Chaos-side story mode
-000-esque/final dungeon story mode: this feature will have the gameplay style of games like Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia and the Infamous series; characters will have to climb up various structures, try and get past traps (in the style of PoP, that sort of thing.

Extra Features
-Better Quest system (with official quests)
-Data import (this time it imports your entire inventory regarding equipment and the PP catalog)

*looks at entry* Yeah I've overthought this I know XD
Comments are loved!

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I'm gonna take it easy for the moment, just clearing one cloister at a time with maxed out characters. Note to self: remember to get ALL THE TENTS/COTTAGES.

Cloister of Beginnings: CLEARED

PC: Terra Branford (Alt 1)
Party: 1 (yep Terra solo'd this cloister)
Assists: Several (didn't count them)

Cloister of Encounters: Stopped at 13th Floor
PC: Terra Branford (Alt 1)
Party: Terra, Squall, WoL, Ultimecia
Assists: Gabranth, Golbez, Laguna, Lightning
Reason: Failed to meet Door requirement

Cloister of Encounters (2nd Attempt): CLEARED
PC: Terra Branford
Party: Terra, Squall, Bartz, Ultimecia, Sephiroth
Assists: Lost track XD

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Right now only one or two come to mind and both are from XII:


There's quite a few walking tin cans in Dissidia. Couldn't Vaan have used it on any of them? SE, I AM DISAPPOINT



Some reference to the Shantotto Ascension DLC for XI.

"Nice gun" and LIGHTNING PAAWNCH from XIII

Terra's world map animation should have featured her cuddling every moogle she came across. ALSO IT WOULD BE NEAT IF SHE COULD TRANCE AND FWOOSH LIKE THE WIND.

Bartz's acrophobia. Srsly where did it go, SE? 

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Started a new game on DDFF, and I'd probably delete the old file if not for fear of losing Rai's friend card info. I just felt it wasn't getting anywhere. Thanks to FC, I was pretty much stuck and not really getting anywhere in 000. 

Here's hoping this try goes better than the last. *regrets not buying a guide for this game*
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5000+ HP...



No fills today due to my overcompensation yesterday, sorry

Now that we're on the subject, might as well introduce the Hero--Sieghart!

This will be the intended LI, Sayane:

She has no head for directions and comes off as a bit scatterbrained but damn if she doesn't make that look adorable. Plus, Ziggy thinks her little wings were just darling

On another note (still-Agarest-related):

 <--She's a brunette, wears an eyepatch and is called Beatrice...I SUSPECT THIS IS A SOMEWHAT SUBTLE SHOUTOUT TO FFIX!BEATRIX


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