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Goddess Maker Alaine Barzahd (SC)
Goddess Maker Arsinoe
Goddess Maker Gisila
Goddess Maker Selene
Goddess Maker Ars
Goddess Maker Ishizu

And there will likely be more later, once I edit the remaining ones...XP
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Huldra Maker Alaine and Majin

Pretty detailed dressup. This screencap features an SCIII character I made for Chronicles of the Swords (her job was Saint, if you want specifics) as a Huldra while the guy she's trying to ensnare is the OC of an old friend. What we've figured out of their backstory so far is complicated.
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Mmm...dat uniform...


Let's ignore the fact that the thought that brought about this idea in the first place was the mental image itself mmmkay?

His name would be Demian Kaiser. He'd be the leader of a tank team (with Noa and Mokuba's incarnations as teammates. SURPRISINGLY NO ONE IS RELATED TO ONE ANOTHER. For the record, Nazi!Noa is the spotter and Nazi!Mokuba is the mechanic. Demian handles both driving and shooting) and his tank would bear the affectionate nickname of "Fraulein Blitz." It may or may not have a BEWD decal on the side. Allied!Yugi would be his rival (DUR) and lead a tank team of his own. HIS tank bears the epithet of Dark Maiden and probably has a DMG decal on its side.

I mostly embellished but the credit for this incarnation goes to PercentiledOne. NEEDLESS TO SAY WE'RE OVERTHINKING THINGS A BIT.
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Title: Letters
Fandom: Yugioh!
Characters/Pairings: Seto Kaiba, Critias, Set, Christian Rosenkreutz, OCs, Dreamshipping, Debateshipping, Dragonshipping, Royalshipping

In some way or another, they had exchanged letters throughout all their lifetimes.

For Critias and Arsinoe, the letters had been long, eloquent treatises on their respective arguments, waxing poetic about why their ideas were flawed and in what way.

For Set and Henutawwy, it had started out as a simple game designed to challenge each other's minds: on papyrus or wax tablets, a message would be sent, along with a cypher to help as a guide to figuring out the code. The cypher would be different each time, to keep their minds sharp.

For Alaine and Christian, they had primarily been letters of courtship, with the occasional mention of Alaine's progress in trying to capture the Red Rose Cards. Even if one took out the more graphic sections, the emotion in those letters is genuine and it isn't hard to see that both are looking forward to the idea of marriage.

For Seto and Theoris, letters are a way of writing down what they feel when they want to avoid a confrontation that could lead to arguments--a pretty damn likely outcome given their personalities. It also takes more courage than either feels to send those letters. The first letter she sends (titled "Prometheus"), Theoris is more afraid than she's ever felt in her life, as she's not certain how the boy she has grown to care for as more than her employer would react.

And yet she leaves it with the rest of the correspondence in his desk all the same, her query both simple and complicated at the same time:

She wants to be convinced that the Pact of Glory is the right path. The why of a boy who has gotten so far in life by his own strengths suddenly decides he needs the help of gods to overthrow a king.

"I respect you so much because you carved out your own destiny, Seto Kaiba. You tossed the hand you were dealt back at the dealer and dealt your own. For someone who has been told from childhood that any path she tries to decide for herself is ultimately a waste of time and that she should dedicate herself to embrace the destiny she's been given, that means something. It means that I could do the same, even in my circumstances.

Yet now...I can't help wonder if you've lost sight of that, which is why I ask that you help me to understand. -Theoris Takeda"
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AKA Testing the new update system.

PKMN Crystal Trainer Profile
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On a sidenote...

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Subtitle: I dunno which meme question I'll answer yet.

It's one thing to do a character profile and another to figure out their tropes. ONWARDS!

Shout-out: Her namesake is the character Lenne from Final Fantasy X-2.
Expy: Of Lenne, mostly because initially that served as the base of the character design's appearance. Personality wise, she's quite different.
Instant Awesome Just Add Dragons: Used to serve as a Dragoon in Deist's air force, resigning from service once her wyvern Falstaff had died.
Multi-Melee Master: Wields multiple weapons, her arsenal including an axe, a bastard sword, a spear, a chain sickle (used rarely) and throwing knives.
Lady of War: She fits the trope in that she leads a mercenary unit in her family's mercenary force but otherwise this troper is trying to figure out if she fits the other requirements.
Action Girl
Blade on a stick
: Having once been a dragoon, she favors spears.
Battle Couple: With Leon
Mama Bear: With Kain and Onion Knight Luneth, once this troper figures out when to best use that scenario
Baleful Polymorph: Can turn into a dragon thanks to a special suit of dragonmail armor.
Extreme Omnivore: Only in Dragonform.
Shipper on Deck: PalaMecia, anyone?
Friends with Benefits: With Leon.

  • He wants a Relationship Upgrade FYI
  • She believes he could do better. Oddly enough, it's only in relationship issues where self-esteem problems come up
Ethical Slut: In the sense that she doesn't take other partners when involved with someone. They might as well be married living in sin
Purple Eyes
  • Hers are hereditary but it seems to be a recurring trend among dragoons
Staff chick: Subverted in that while she knows some magic, she's a terrible healer and relies on recovery items.
Berserk Button: People interpreting her relationship with Leon the wrong way.
  • Justified in that she has commitment issues



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