Mar. 24th, 2013

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Shadow Game duel: Theoris vs Sion
Outcome: Theoris loses
Decks: Her Dragon-themed deck vs his Lovecraftian Deck
Sacred Items: Sacred Menat vs Sacred Was. (Tbh, the Menat didn't see much use)

Quite possibly Theoris would have achieved her plan of pulling them both down to a draw. Unfortunately, Sion really did a number in messing with her head. Like to the point where she was reduced to her knees and crying because he struck where it would hurt most--using an illusory Seto that simply abandoned her. Just turned and walked away. Would be very surprised if by the end of Battle City she's not suffering some form of PTSD.

In any case, she lost the duel and is currently comatose. Sion was using his Was to control her like a puppet and leave with her (along with the heavy implication that he will be doing very questionable things with her body) but then Henutawwy butts in from within the menat, freezing him in place while Seto makes his way down to the arena (it goes without saying that both spirit and CEO are royally pissed off).

We left off with the duel about to start.

PercentiledOne, you may call that scene "crazy" but I thought it was AMAZING EPIC. AND I WAS THE ONE WHOSE CHARACTER WAS ON THE RECEIVING END OF THE MIND****!


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